My Journey as a Mom…a Rockin’ Mom

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” ~ Brandy Snyder

That Was Then & This Is Now

That was then…when your nursery was decorated in the primary colors of green, blue, yellow, and red

And this is now as your room is adorned in sea foam green and accents of black and white.


That was then…when our lunch date was a trip to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal

And this is now, luncheon at Panera with the girls.


That was then…when we would go to Turkey Hill for a Coke slushy

And this is now, a trip to Starbucks for a Frappuccino.


That was then…when you played with your Barbies for hours

And this is now, your “toys” are an iPhone, iPad, or a MacBook.


That was then…when an afternoon with friends was a trip to Gymboree

And this is now, an evening all primped and pretty for the Homecoming Dance.


That was then…when you would play at Cousler Park on the jungle gym

And this is now, screaming at the top of your lungs as you ride Skyrush at Hershey Park.


That was then…when you took swimming lessons at the YMCA

And this is now, a member of the Varsity Club for running Cross Country and Track & Field.


That Was Then & This Is Now

And I Love You Forever!


Food for Thought:

Who is someone special in your life and how have they changed over the years?


One thought on “My Journey as a Mom…a Rockin’ Mom

  1. Brought tears to Nana’s eyes! Aw, our baby girl growing up. Thankfully God blessed me with a wonderful family to enjoy.

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