My Journey as a Runner

“I learned that finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement.  It’s a state of mind that says anything is possible.” ~ Hanc


It began in the summer 2010, and I must have looked so pathetic.  There I stood on the track on a hot summer morning attempting to “run” three miles.  I thought I could do it, I wanted to do it, and I wanted to look good too!  Lap one-DONE! Lap two-not so.  As I hobbled around the track for lap two, I wanted to cry.  I wanted to run, but my knee said no way.  I didn’t cry though, I walked and I walked proud, on the outside anyway. You know that saying, fake it till you make it.  Well, that is what I was doing. 


Now it’s time for lap three.  Let’s go for the run.  Yep, lap three was a success until lap four came around and once again my knee shouted NO WAY!!!! All right, I guess this is how it’s going to be.  I needed to complete 12 laps around the track so I was going to have run a lap and then walk a lap. So be it, and that’s what it was.  After 45 minutes of walking and running I completed my three mile “run”. 


While I was a bit deflated, I went back for more the next day and worked on building that stamina.  Taking baby steps day-by-day, working up to running two laps and then walking one, each time increasing the amount of running laps and lessening the walking laps. I was building strength in my knees and working on endurance until finally I could fully run three miles on the track.  However, once the summer ended, so did my running.  My knee still bothered me from time to time so I just decided not to keep up with it. 


Then the spring of 2011 rolled around and my hubby, Matt, decided he was going to run a marathon, the Bob Potts Marathon. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even really know what a marathon was.  In my mind, it was just a long race. Well, it so happened that the Bob Potts Marathon was also holding a 5k race too, and both Matt and Maddie bullied encouraged me to run the 5k race. And with great reluctance, I decided to participate. 


From that point on I was officially a runner.  I ran a mother-daughter 5k race with Maddie and then I got bullied encouraged to run yet another race!  Sometimes I think runners are part of a secret cult.  Honestly, I do! I reluctantly signed up to run the Baltimore ½ marathon in October of 2011 and then I got bullied encouraged into running the Bob Potts MARATHON in the spring of 2012.  That’s right, a marathon!  At this point, I was well aware that a marathon is 26.2 miles.  26.2 Miles!!! Seriously??? And, once I again I reluctantly signed up for yet another race.


As I approach October of 2012, I am participating in the Baltimore Running Festival and running the ½ marathon. This time there was no bullying and no reluctance on my part.  I willingly and happily signed up for the race. I even bullied encouraged a friend to join me for the adventure! So much has changed in my life since I became a runner. I would have never thought I could have accomplished the feats that I have.


Food for Thought:

What feats have you accomplished in your life?  How have you bullied encouraged someone to participate in something that brought a positive aspect to their life?


2 thoughts on “My Journey as a Runner

  1. You really should stop throwing that “bullying” word around… you are going to give me a bad wrap! I like to think I gently pushed you to sign up for the marathon 🙂 No more 26.2 for a year or so… we need a break! Your blog looks fantastic I really like the cloud header!

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