1/2 Marathon Recap 2012: Q & A Style

Q: Was this your first 1/2 marathon?

A:  It is actually my second.  Check out my post called  What a Difference a Year Makes to see my recap of the Baltimore Running Festival 2011.

Q: Did you follow a training plan?

A:  I followed Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 training plan.  For the most part I stuck to it.  I never skipped a long run, but I did drop a few mid-week runs (Exercise Log) and I did get in a Runner’s Rut from time to time.  I wish I could have kept up with my cross-training, but I was super happy that I ran completely injury free, unlike my 1/2 marathon last year!

After the race,
My feet were still attached!
My legs still worked!

Q: How many runners were in the race?

A:  There were a total of 10,229 runners in the 1/2 marathon.  I was the 2,048th runner to cross the finish line.  In my age group there were 597 runners and I was the 65th runner to cross the finish line for that category.

Q: Did you have a goal you wanted to reach?

A: Yes, my goal was to run the 1/2 marathon in two hours and run injury free.  I knew in order to reach that goal I could not run slower than a 9:09 pace.  A 9:09 pace was certainly attainable, but I wasn’t sure if I could maintain it for 13.1 miles.  To my surprise, I  surpassed my goal.  Here are my mile splits:

Race Stats

Q:  Did you run the race with any friends?

A:  My hubby ran the full marathon, so I partially trained with him.  I did all my long runs with a new running buddy and we started the race together.  However, it was so CROWDED that we got separated at about mile two.

I also met a friendly runner during the race. I chatted with her at the beginning of the race and we were shocked how CROWDED it was.  I think we were actually quite unnerved.  I saw her several times throughout the race up until about mile marker eight, but then I didn’t see her until we were in the home stretch on Eutaw Street.   When I saw her I told her it was time to wrap this up…LET’S GO!  We crossed the finish line just second apart.  Later I found out she was barking on my heals and following me on those miles when I thought she disappeared.  She was so sweet and thanked me for pacing her through the race.  The marathon photographers got a fantastic shot of us chatting on that home stretch, but I couldn’t pull the trigger on purchasing that photo, $$$$, not yet anyway!

Post Race
Me & My Hubby

My Training Buddy
Yes, it was cold before the race!

My New Friendly Running Pal!

Q: Did you win anything in this race?

A:  Funny you should ask me that!  A few days before race day, I was talking with four of my students about the race and explaining to them what a 1/2 marathon is.  One of them chimed in and asked me if I thought I would come in first place.  Oh my!  I just had to laugh!  🙂   No, I was not going to come in first place and win $25,000, but in my eyes everyone who ran the race was a winner.  I did, however, receive an awesome medal and flowers from my hubby.

Everyone’s a Winner!

Flowers from the Hubby

Q: Do you have another race scheduled in the future?

A:  That depends who you ask.  Pink Runner has been bullying me politely asking me to join her for a 1/2 marathon in December. I’ll keep you posted on that!  I am thinking that I may possibly like to run the Turkey Trot 5k in November. I am mentally exhausted, so right now I am looking forward to a break.

Q:  Did you learn any life lessons because of the race?

A:  At the beginning of the race I saw a spectator holding a sign that said:

“Pain Is Temporary


Pride Lasts Forever”

Yep, that about sums it up.  I pushed through and finished proud.  It was a great day for a run!

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