This One Is for You, CM

As I reflect upon my life, I can certainly acknowledge that there are people who have shaped me as an individual and impacted my life in a positive fashion.  This poem is a tribute to one of those individuals.

This One Is for You, CM


It was twelve years ago

when I started my career

nervous I was,

but you stood behind me,

so I had no fear.


Third grade was my calling,

so off to NHE I was sent.

SSE was your Yellow Brick Road,

and that is where you went.


Fast forward to 2005,

and once again we met.

But the years flew by

and before I knew it,

you said,

“It’s time for retirement!”


Although this is good-bye,

I am sad to admit;

the memories that were made

I will never forget.


May I leave you with these words

that say so much,

as they speak to the lives

you have brilliantly touched.


I wish you the best,

because you deserve no less.

And, may your retirement be blessed

with nothing but happiness!

A Tribute to You, CM

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