A New Love Affair

Last Friday we had an early dismissal due to “snow”. I use that term lightly, but who am I to dispute an early dismissal!  When I arrived home my daughter already had cabin fever so she suggested that we rent a movie… let my love affair with our Apple TV and Netflix begin!


She wanted to watch the movie Pitch Perfect, but we weren’t able to locate it on Netflix. However, we did find it on iTunes and we downloaded it in a matter of seconds! Talk. About. Easy!

If you like the show Glee, chances are you will enjoy this cute movie too, and for those of you who grew up loving Molly Ringwald and The Breakfast Club you will enjoy the subtle connections.  We opted to watch the movie before Matt arrived home, which was probably a good idea since it is pretty much a chick flick. Our favorite character was Fat Amy. She really made us laugh.

Fat Amy

Fat Amy

Now, let’s talk about the Love Affair again.  As I perused Netflix I noticed that season one of Downton Abbey was available for our viewing pleasure. It is safe to say that I rarely watch television, but I am enthralled with the series.  Except for the last episode, I have now completed season one and cannot wait for season two to become available.  I have even thought about scrapping season two and just watching season three right now, but I will be patient.  Besides, there are several other viewing options on Netflix that have piqued my interest, so I guess I will explore those (Shark Week from the Discovery channel is one of them!!!).

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

If you have seen Pitch Perfect or watch Downton Abbey I would love to hear your thoughts!  Maybe you have Apple TV and/or Netflix.  What are some of your favorite movies or series?

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