Reader Update

While on vacation I *finally* finished The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult.  (Ummm, yes, I began it in April, I think!) The book started off slow and didn’t grab me, so truthfully it was placed off to the side.  However, once again Picoult has delivered a heart-wrenching and thought provoking novel with twists and turns.  This book has several themes running through it along with historical information about the Holocaust.  I found the book to be intense when reading about the Holocaust and I just couldn’t put it down.  Throughout the story, it left me with many moments sadness and times of joy…a roller coaster of emotions indeed! So yes, I highly recommend The Storyteller.

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Next on the list is These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf.  Now if you’re not familiar with the author Heather Gudenkauf, you should read her books, especially if you like Jodi Picoult.  Both authors have similar writing styles. I have also read The Weight of Silence by Gudenkauf.    I just started These Things Hidden but it has instantly pulled me in.  I’ll let you know my final thoughts and reactions when I’m finished.

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The last thing I would like to tell you about is The Free Library of PhiladelphiaIf you live in Pennsylvania and you have a public library access card through your local library, you can sign up to get a library card for The Free Library of Philadelphia.  I love using the Free Library of Philadelphia because I love to read e-books on my Kindle Fire.  The Free Library of Philadelphia allows you to download your e-books, for free of course, and you can have them on your e-reader for *three* weeks.  I can also get e-books at my local library, but I can only keep them for two weeks and they do not have as large of a selection as The Free Library of Philadelphia.  Check it out and check out my Goodreads widget on the sidebar of my blog for other suggested readings.

Happy Reading!

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2 thoughts on “Reader Update

  1. Sounds like you have some good books on your reading list! I have been catching up on my reading over the summer, too. I didn’t realize you were so close! I just moved to South Jersey!

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