Yikes…College Shopping!

Yes, it is time for a Rockin’ Mom update!

As I sit here typing away I can’t help but to think of one of my original posts, That Was Then and This Is Now. This is what I would add to it today:

That was then…

deciding which daycare would be best for our new baby girl.

This is now…

traveling, traveling, traveling and making big life decisions.

Deciding which college is best for our grown up, beautiful, young lady.

College Visit #3

College Visit #3

I can hardly believe it, but my one and only daughter will be off to college next year.  You know what that means, this summer sent us on the college tour path.  I am so proud of how my daughter scheduled all of the schools that we visited.  We have now visited six colleges and it has been fun, interesting, overwhelming, and informative to say the least.


We have visited colleges in Elizabethtown, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Slippery Rock and ended with IUP.  Each campus has been unique and offered something to make it special, stand out, or perhaps even unattractive. Ironically, the campus that Maddie thought she would enjoy the most we both ended up disliking…and when I say disliking, I mean disliking!

On a positive note, we fell in love with the city of Pittsburgh!  This is kind of tough for us because we are *huge* fans of the Baltimore Ravens, and you see the Pittsburg Steelers are the arch rival to the Baltimore Ravens.  We were, however, able to turn our heads the other way when we drove past Heinz Field.

Pittsburgh A View from Above

A View from Above

It’s difficult to believe that next year at this time I will probably be typing a post on getting ready for college.  The time sure does pass quickly.  I can only wonder what life has in store for us over the next several months.