Friday Photos

She’s back!  Our Elf on the Shelf, Noel, is floating around our house.  Today she is reading one of our favorite Christmas picture books.

Santa Kid by James Patterson.

A Must Read Christmas Picture Book

Santa Kid is a must read Christmas book that is told by Chrissie, Santa’s daughter.  Chrissie shares an all-important message: You have to believe in something bigger than yourself.  I hope you get to enjoy this book as much as Noel did.

Here We Go Again!

What girl wouldn’t love another piece of Tiffany jewelry or a pair of extra special Nike sneakers?

Well, good news was in the air last week.  I am excited to share that once again I will have the opportunity to participate in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, D.C.  It will be my first “big” race for 2014.  And, what makes this race extra special is that my daughter will be running it too along with my best running buddy, Holly!

You can read about my race in 2013 here.

Nike Half 2014

Nike Half 2014




#Nerd what?  It’s a #nerdlution; you know what a #nerdlution is right?  Well, teachers like to make up words and thanks to Franki over at A Year of Reading for inspiring her tweeps and getting so many to join the  #Nerdlution community.

Basically #Nerdlution is a resolution for, well, dare I say it, nerds teachers! (Even though you don’t have to be a teacher to join!)  It runs for 50 days from December 2nd thru January 20th.  During this time fellow members have been making resolutions that revolve around reading, writing, running/fitness, and whatever!

After thinking about it, I realized that I already read, I already write, and I already run so why would I not join?  I’m a bit reluctant to post my #Nerdlutions because I do not like failure, and basically it is easier to say that I didn’t try than to say that I failed!  Boo! 😦   There are already so many #Nerdlution members on Twitter for support and inspiration that I decided that I’m going to go for it.

With that being the case, here are my #Nerdlutions:

Running/Fitness #Nerdlutions:

  • Run at least 3 times a week – a 3 mile run, a 4 mile run, and a 5 mile run (fingers crossed that my foot is on board with this goal!)
  • Strength training 2 times a week
  • Core training 2 times a week

Reading #Nerdlution:

  • Read daily

Writing #Nerdlution:

  • Two blog posts a week

Well, there it is!  I will be participating in daily reading and some sort of daily exercise.  Since I consider myself a “reflective writer” I will be brainstorming, journaling, or jotting down ideas in Evernote when I am not posting to my blog.



Please join the #Nerdlution on Twitter.  You can post your tweets there and follow my tweets and others of the #Nerdlution community.

Sunday Runday Again!

Well, we are at it again.  Another family race is now complete.  That is two races in one week and I am beat!  Today’s race was just a 4 mile, but it was sooooo hilly. Yes, it!


Here’s a quick recap:

The Runners – Matt, Amy, & Maddie

The Distance – 4 hilly miles in “Spring Valley”

The Elevation – Did I mention it was hilly? I mean very hilly!

4 Mile Elevation

4 Mile Elevation

The Stats for Matt – Ummm…yes, he had an awesome race!  I am so proud of his time and his splits.

Matt's Rockin' Stats

Matt’s Rockin’ Stats

The Stat’s for Amy – I must have cut a few corners because my milage came up 3.96 miles! 🙂

Amy's Stats

Amy’s Stats

The Weather – We thought it was a bit chilly at first, but actually it was a perfect day for a run.

Sunday Runday Weather

Sunday Runday Weather

Our next race is scheduled for December 21st.  It’s a 10k (6.2 miles) and I ran it last year; and yes, it is very, very, hilly too.  Not sure why we do this?!?!?!