Sunday Runday Again!

Well, we are at it again.  Another family race is now complete.  That is two races in one week and I am beat!  Today’s race was just a 4 mile, but it was sooooo hilly. Yes, it!


Here’s a quick recap:

The Runners – Matt, Amy, & Maddie

The Distance – 4 hilly miles in “Spring Valley”

The Elevation – Did I mention it was hilly? I mean very hilly!

4 Mile Elevation

4 Mile Elevation

The Stats for Matt – Ummm…yes, he had an awesome race!  I am so proud of his time and his splits.

Matt's Rockin' Stats

Matt’s Rockin’ Stats

The Stat’s for Amy – I must have cut a few corners because my milage came up 3.96 miles! 🙂

Amy's Stats

Amy’s Stats

The Weather – We thought it was a bit chilly at first, but actually it was a perfect day for a run.

Sunday Runday Weather

Sunday Runday Weather

Our next race is scheduled for December 21st.  It’s a 10k (6.2 miles) and I ran it last year; and yes, it is very, very, hilly too.  Not sure why we do this?!?!?!

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