I’m a Planner!

Yes, I am a planner! I love to make lists, keep lists, and organize my lists.  In fact, sometimes I place things on my list just so I can cross them off…I know some of you out there do the same thing and can understand my obsession. 🙂  Anyway, it brings me to the saying:

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

This year we have some pretty large athletic events scheduled.  Matt is participating in a 1/2 Ironman and a full Ironman.  Maddie and I will be running a 1/2 marathon in DC and I would like to train for a full marathon. With that being the case, we need to schedule our workouts accordingly.

I usually start to plan my workouts for the following week on the preceding Thursday or Friday. I have been trying to schedule 3 runs, 2 strength training workouts, and 2 core training workouts.  I use the “notes” app that is already on my iPhone and it works out perfectly!  There’s nothing fancy about it, and since I always have my phone with me I always know when I will be working out next.

Weekly Workout Schedule

You can see from the photo above that I “reward” myself if I completed the workout or “boo-hoo” myself if I don’t complete the workout…you gotta do what works you know!  For this past week I missed my two scheduled workouts at the beginning of the week, but fortunately I was able to reschedule them later in the week. (Thanks to my fitness buddy and a snow day!)

In addition to my iPhone app I plan, record, and reflect upon my workouts using my running journal.  I used the this journal for 2013 and it worked out wonderfully.

Running Journal

Running Journal

Record Keeping

Record Keeping

While I don’t have any formal goals or resolutions for 2014, I am participating in #500in2014 with some of my Twitter peeps.  Please feel free to follow me or join me on Twitter!  Here is what #500in2014 is all about:

  • run/workout 14 times a month
  • post at least 14 times to #runteacherrun
  • run at least 4 races
  • run at least 400 miles (I’m shooting for 500+)
  • encourage 4 more teachers to join

These are just two of the ways I keep myself organized and on track with my workouts to ensure that I am heading down the right path!  I use other apps to plan for other aspects of my daily happenings, and those I will share in another post!

What do you do to make sure your workouts happen?

What are your goals for 2014?

Thanks for visiting my blog!

9 thoughts on “I’m a Planner!

  1. Love your blog! I just found #runteacherrun recently, but I’ve been running seriously for almost two years. I try to always have a race on tap to keep me working out. I also use my fitbit and myfitnesspal to stay accountable.
    Which half are you doing in DC? My daughter and I are doing the Nike Women’s half in April. It will be her first!

  2. I guess I’m a wannabe planner. 🙂 I want to plan and want to be organized….

    So I’m wondering how YOUR notes app (that I’m thinking is the one that came on the iphone) is so pretty???? Mine is just plain looking.

    I might plan more IF it was cute! LOL!

    And good luck on your half!


  3. Well, I would love to schedule a run with you this week… but the ice needs to melt on the roads!!! 😦 I hate being stuck on the treadmill! I need a good run with my buddy!

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