To Bonk or To Bounce Back?

I was ready.

I was even excited!

A 12 mile run was about to be dust, a memory of the past, checked off my list. Complete!!!!

So Here Was the Plan:

Matt & I were going to head out to the Rail Trail and bang out 12 easy miles…bam!  Been there, done that!  It didn’t matter that the temperatures had been below freezing the past few days and there had been light snow.  We would be fine.  We.Are.Runners!

So Here Is What Happened:

When we arrived at the trail there was one car, just one, parked at the mile marker.  Hummm…that seemed a bit peculiar. Sometimes we need to squeeze our Jeep into the last tiny, tiny space that is left for all the eager runners ready to pound the pavement. Not today. No, not today.

Gray sky overhead, light wind, and temperatures in the upper 20s, but workable for die-hard runners like us.  And off we went, for a 1/2 of a mile.  Then it was hello puddles, hello slush, and hello ICE! And more ICE, and more ICE!!!  Turn around we did, and by the time we got back to the car we had just one measly mile complete.


Eleven more miles to go, so why not just run through the neighboring neighborhoods: up and down fractured sidewalks, intersections & stop signs, and cramped streets with cars parked cars on each side.  Yep, we ran through decrepit neighborhoods with trash flying here and debris laying there to neighborhoods with stately homes and well-manicured properties.  We added a few miles here and a few miles there.  I pretty much felt like a mouse running in a labyrinth wondering, “When will I ever finish this run?!?!?!?”

~insert inappropriate language here~

So when did we finish that 12 mile run?  After I bonked, and bonked, and bonked again, but we finished!

And, here is the text I sent my BRF (best-running friend) as I sat in the car ready to cry!

I bonked!

I bonked!

Yes, I grappled with that run for the rest of the day. The funny thing is that Matt said he kind of enjoyed the change of scenery and the run. Gotta love him, he’s a great hubby to put up with my drama.

~to bonk or to bounce~

Despite that one and only ghastly run, I had so many fitness/exercise highlights. Here’s a recap:

  • I had an awesome BODYPUMP strength training class on Thursday.  The class was packed with 26 enthusiastic bodypumpers + 1 virtuoso instructor ready to get their fitness on.
BODYPUMP Strength Training Class

BODYPUMP Strength Training Class

  • I actually worked on rewarding my body by attending a BODYFLOW class.  This class is a Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm.
After the BODYFLOW Class

After the BODYFLOW Class

  • I sat down on Sunday to review my stats and finish my fitness journal entries for the week and found out I met *all* my fitness goals for the week and I added in one extra that I did not have scheduled.
Fitness Journal

My Fitness Journal

Weekly Stats

My Weekly Journal Stats

For the week, I exercised 7 times, ran 24.35 miles, worked out for 6 hours & 46 minutes, and burned 2,685 calories.  If that’s not a reason to bounce back, I don’t know what is.  That 12 mile run, it’s a moment of the past.

So, to bonk or to bounce back?

I choose to bounce back and I hope that when you are faced with the decision to bonk or to bounce back you choose to bounce back, for life is too short to focus on bonking! 🙂


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