It’s Time for a Revision!

Original Post: 8/11/12 @ Runner, Reader, Rockin’ Mom
If you want to find Amy,
Look for the bright purple laces on her Brooks sneakers
Training 5 miles here, 10 miles there, marathon ready
Sporting sunglasses and her running hat so she’s not to be noticed
A Garmin watch on her left arm to help keep a fast pace.
If you want to find Amy,
Look for her iPad Mini
Reading one of her favorite blogs before the lights go out
Sitting by the crashing waves and basking in the warm sun
Enjoying an ebook by Picoult, Grisham, or Gladwell
Or reading to her students books from Palacio, Applegate, or Creech.
If you want to find Amy,
Look for her on the PA Turnpike
Or sauntering along the sidewalks of Duquesne University
Maybe an escapade to Target to buy the essentials
End with a quick trip to Starbucks for a way to celebrate the day!
If you want to find Amy she’ll still be running, reading, and a rockin’ mom!
Poem adapted from If You Want to Find Golden by Eileen Spinelli
If You Want to Find Golden

If You Want to Find Golden

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Slice of Life

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13 thoughts on “It’s Time for a Revision!

  1. Amy,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your poem! My favorite part was the use of anaphora (“If you want to find Amy, look”) throughout the poem. It wove your piece wonderfully together!

    On a side note, besides sharing a passion for running, we seem to enjoy the same authors: Gladwell, Piccoult, Applegate, etc.

    Happy slicing!

  2. Amy, I like escapades to Target too, and sauntering, and celebrating. I love how you used this mentor text to introduce yourself, and now I’m off to request If You Want to Find Golden.

  3. Such a fun innovation on Eileen’s poem. I love her work and enjoy doing innovations with my own students, I’ll tuck this one away-it would be a great introduction poem for a new school year! I can’t wait to browse your blog a bit more. I”m a runner, too, but mostly for enjoyment. I just can’t seem to get into the races.

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