Once again, the races are scheduled and two more marathons–26.2 miles–will be crossed off the bucket list.


The training plan is on the calendar–eighteen long weeks– running 4 times a week and cross-training in between. A little stretching here, a little stretching there.

runners and their plans!

Healthy dinners on the table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  A banana a day to keep the cramping away.

calories in, calories out!

Preparing mentally for the challenge–monsters in the midst or angels in the air–visualizing the crossing of the finish line.  Maybe with tears in my eyes. Maybe with happiness in my heart. Maybe with both.



The big day will arrive. Training runs will be complete, sneakers will be laced, and the running outfit will be chosen. Bib attached and chip in place.

looking good, feeling good!

A few other accessories that are a must–iPod, Garmin, SPIbelt, shot bloks, sunglasses, and sunscreen.



The big-bang of the gun will fire and off the runners will go.  Mile marker 5, done! Stop at a water station. Mile marker 10, done! The cheering crowd. Mile marker 20, done! The finish line in sight. Mile marker 26.2, done!

done, but not finished



How dedicated are you?

Who do you know who demonstrates dedication?


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8 thoughts on “ded-i-ca-tion

  1. I am in awe of the work it takes to prepare for a marathon, but two of them? You are awesome! Love how you used the words Ready, Set, Go, and Done but not finished (a powerful phrase).

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