it’s been a week of rushing:

rushing to school,

rushing off to the gym,

rushing to complete my blog post,

rushing to accomplish errands,

rushing home to do what I do…

~~so, exhaustion go away~~

just for today,

i’m going to enjoy the snowy weather

just for today,

i’m going to rest my body

just for today,

i’m going to be entertained by the blogs of others

just for today,

i’m going to push my to-do list aside

just for today,

i’m going to take pleasure in the peace & comfort of my home

just for today,

i’m going to push exhaustion away and enjoy the gift of life 


What do you do to push exhaustion away?


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Slice of Life

Slice of Life

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14 thoughts on “ex-haus-tion

  1. Your format really fits your thoughts. I am bookmarking this to remember for one of those stuck days when I am not sure what to write.

    Today is my rush day to accomplish all the errands for the mont in 55 degree weather. I am so looking forward to the sunshine.

  2. Your slice today is the perfect contrast between exhaustion and relaxation. I could feel the stress rise inside me at the beginning of your post, and then a calming relaxation came over me toward the end. Beautifully done! I wish you a day of all things relaxing! You deserve it!!


  3. I’ve followed each of your posts tis week, and thoroughly enjoyed the journey! Inspiration, dedication, motivation…ends with exhaustion. But as Jen said, this is really a piece of relaxation, and calm. Loved it! Thanks for a wonderful week of sharing your posts!

  4. Love the things you plan to do when you push exhaustion away – enjoyment, rest, entertainment, pleasure! Hope you’ve had a day that’s restored and energized you.

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