Sunday Runday

I am at the pinnacle of marathon training (week #10) and today’s run gives a whole new meaning to the word exhaustion

{why, why would I want to run a marathon?}

You see, the long run on the training plan for week #10 was 17 miles.  I spent yesterday trying to wrap my mind around those 17 miles and, well, I told myself that I would run 15 and be happy with that.  Basically, because I bonked on my last long run that was outside!  (You can read about it here.) I am happy to report that I did not have a repeat of that outside run from several weeks ago.

{do a happy dance!}

First off, the weather was ab·so·lute·ly beautiful!  It was like a runner’s gift compared to the weather just two days ago.





And then, I was fortunate enough to break my run up into three smaller runs.  I ran the first 7 miles on my own.  Then, for the second segment I ran 6 miles with my soul(run)mate and my BRF-best running friend. And finally I wrapped up the last 4 miles with my soul(run)mate. Running buddies are the best!

{BAM! Just like that 17 miles were history!}

Those stats!

Those stats!

That weather!

That weather!

Finally, time to relax and recover.  A post-run snack and a spa treatment for those feet.

protein, sugar, and salt

protein, sugar, and salt

LAX ball massage and some essential oil

LAX ball massage and some essential oil

{Gotta keep those feet happy!}

So now that week #10 is history I have an entire week to wrap my mind around the long run for week #11.  And, in order to do that I’ll leave you with a little saying that is going to help me prepare.

What the mind can conceive, the body will achieve.


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13 thoughts on “Sunday Runday

  1. I run… never ran a marathon and so admire you! I have run several halfs… I am impressed with your dedication to the training for this marathon! Two friends trained for a marathon last year… several of their running buds… me included… ran part of their long runs to keep them company!
    Run strong! Love the pics!

  2. Amazing to tag along for your 17 miles of running! Glad you have running buddies and that the weather cooperated with a beautiful blue sky run day!

  3. What stands out the most about your piece is the mental aspect of running, and how it plays such a hug role in training. I am amazed by how transformational running is for people who stick with it. While that remarkable transformation is evidenced physically in the changes to their physique, it is even more dramatic on a mental level, in the changes to their mindset.

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