A Week of Celebrations

Monday’s celebration,

dinner out

for my parents’

47th wedding anniversary.


Tuesday’s celebration,

a field trip for me

to visit

our middle school

1:World initiative.


Wednesday’s celebration,

the warm weather

finally arrived!


Thursday’s celebration,

three workouts complete

running, strength training, and yoga.


Friday’s celebration,

date night,

sushi night!


Saturday’s celebration,

a day at the SPCA

advocating for

animal adoption.


Sunday’s celebration,

ran 18 miles,

completed week #11

of marathon training!

celebrate! celebrate! celebrate!


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Slice of Life

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12 thoughts on “A Week of Celebrations

  1. If you ran 18 miles today, I’m wondering how many weeks are left in your marathon training. Is it coming up soon? Love your celebrations – glad you had some warm weather!

  2. What an array of celebrations! How wonderful! Congrats on your running accomplishments. I can’t run from one side of the house to the other without my knees feeling like they’re going to give out on me.

  3. Congratulations on your week of celebrations! I love your upbeat, happy poem that includes your wonderful milestones. You are doing so well with your writing and your marathon work. 🙂

  4. Hello Runner, Reader, Rockin’ Mom! I’ve missed your slices. We have exactly one week, seven days left. I’m hoping to see you back here for a slice or two during that time.

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