What’s That Sound?

rising are the temperatures

herald the arrival of spring

stirring from their winter slumber

and emerging from hibernation

serenaded by the assembly of frogs

their boisterous peeps can be heard

it’s a chorus of frogs

for hours through the night

they embark on an annual journey

and have set up camp

to attact a mate

a gathering of suitors

and a long line of bachelors

the frog night club is packed

for that high-pitched long trill

that peep, peep, peep

is a common sound

on an evening in the spring





April is National Poetry Month!

Please check out the hashtag #digipoetry on Twitter

to find more poems written by fellow bloggers.

5 thoughts on “What’s That Sound?

  1. “The frog nightclub.” Oh, the picture in my mind. We have the late night peepers here as well. You’ve captured the spring arrival with the perfect words.


  2. Love this poem as much as I love the sound of those spring peepers! I now have an image of a frog night club with frogs bellied up to the bar belly-aching to the bartender in a symphony of peeps. Thanks–it makes me smile!

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