today i love



today i love

❤ a two-hour delay ❤ sleeping in ❤ morning play-time with the furry friends ❤ change of plans ❤ school cancelled ❤ staying in my jammies until noon ❤ making my super hero t-shirt for school ❤ letting Yoshi play extra long ❤ getting the ironing done ❤ bitmojis ❤ organizing my closet ❤ afternoon coloring ❤ quiet-time in my house ❤ a little bit of reading ❤ a little bit of writing ❤ Pax by Sara Pennypacker ❤ the sunny afternoon ❤ warm temperatures ❤ running errands ❤ date night at the gym with Matt ❤ a 5 mile run ❤ journals & blogging ❤ roses in the dining room ❤ a clean house ❤ fuzzy blankets on the couch ❤ hgtv & fixer upper ❤ sunset at 5:43 pm ❤ a relaxing day ❤

❤ i love today! ❤


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5 thoughts on “today i love

  1. Such a delightful, positive post, Amy! I love that everything you listed here has potential to be written in depth as a slice! One beautiful slice after another= a day to love!

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