Here I am

back again for the

thirty-one days of slicing,

a challenge for me

Excited to be a writer

whether i fly or

whether i flop, it is true

i showed up today

Little bits of my writing

maybe a poem here,

and even a poem there, all

have special meaning

Labor of love

the challenge to write

just one more post, the pursuit

to reach the finish line

Off I go

i’m ready to share

excited for the journey

and meeting others

Β  Β  Β  ~HELLO!~


Slice of Life

hosted at

Two Writing Teachers

Join in and share a slice of your life!

Slice of Life



22 thoughts on “hello!

  1. So happy to see you here, Amy! This is a great idea for an initial slice. My favorite lines: “Whether I fly or whether I flop, it is true I showed up today.” So glad you showed up and can’t wait to read more of your posts!

    • Thank you! I am unfamiliar with Barbara Suter but after some browsing on the SOL page I see she’s a blogger too. I’ll be visiting her blog too.

  2. Love this! Poetry is a structure I think I will try to explore this month. I have only written two poems– and I think I should try it more often. I love how your poem tells a story. Hello! I look forward to getting to know you this month.

  3. Hello right back at you! Can you believe it’s yet another month of writing and celebrating words? Love your creativity — and no worries of flopping here! Show up and write like this every day! Here we go!

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