I scurried off to the gym

looking like a fitness diva

with all my fitness gear in tow


I listened to my personal trainer

so I had all the right moves

ready to go I was,

 I had no fear


I lifted those weights,


my quads, my back, my chest


I wiped that grimy sweat

from my face

 then worked

my biceps, my triceps, my shoulders & abs


I pumped those legs-

lunges and squats

  until they yelled,

I can’t take it anymore!

then all of a sudden,

believe it or not,

my Fitbit

winked at me!


I wore a smile

on face

425 calories have been burned,

good-bye, adios, au revoir


I left that gym,

drove straight to the donut shop

I had no regrets, no regrets at all!


I ordered that chocolate glazed donut,

and one more,

and one more!


I gobbled them down

savored the moment

as my mouth said


my body said,





Mentor Text:

This Is Just to Say: Poems of Apology and Forgiveness

 by Joyce Sidman

“Brownies-Oops!” by Maria


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