an apple a day

an apple a day

an apple a day,

an apple a day

an apple a da

an apple a d

an apple a

an apple

an appl

an app

an ap

an a




keeps the doctor away!


an apple a day

Mentor Text: My Dog Does My Homework!

Published by: Scholastic

“The Eraser Poem” by Louis Phillips


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6 thoughts on “an apple a day

  1. Really a clever poem I would love to share with the students. How did you ever think of it? I laughed as the letters were slowly gobbled up. I almost heard a crunch, crunch, crunch as I imagined the apple disappearing!.

    • I found a little poem about a boy’s pencil eraser disappearing and modeled mine (used a mentor text 😉) after “The Eraser Poem”. I had fun writing it. Please share and thanks for visiting, Lynne!

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