race day ready!

I never really set out looking for races to run; they just kind of find me.  And, that would be the case with the race that I will be running on Saturday. I finished my last 1/2 marathon in October of 2015 and didn’t really have anything planned until May, that is until my friend Sandy invited me to join her for the Rock’n’ Roll 1/2 marathon in Washington D.C.

Sometimes we just need an invitation to show up!

Then the panic set in!  By the time I said “yes” back in December, I should have already completed two weeks of a 1/2 marathon training plan.  I mean, I’m pretty conditioned but I hadn’t run in several weeks due to the trials and tribulations that I was experiencing at that point in my life.  So I did what I do best! I laced up those sneakers and went for a 4 mile run.  I.CRUSHED.IT!  Yes, I crushed that 4 mile run and knew I made the right decision.

 A boost of confidence is all that is required to move us forward!

Flying high on cloud nine, I got busy mapping out my training plan for the big race.  I love making training plans!  Each time I create a new one I try to push myself just a little bit more than the last time.  I knew I wanted to cross-train and I wanted to bump up the milage for my mid-week runs, so I got my calendar out and jotted down my plan of action.

Failure to plan is planning to fail.

On Sunday I finished week #11 of my 12 week training plan for the Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon in Washington D.C.  My long run on Saturday was 12 miles. And, while I felt like I was struggling, it was a good training run.  This week is my taper week.  I am to take it easy so my body is well rested and ready to go when I show up at the starting line.  I know I’ll be nervous on Saturday just like I am for any race, but that’s okay.  I’ll go out there and give it my all!

I am ready!


Just a quick shoutout to the AMAZING Michelle over at the Literacy Learning Zone. I borrowed, stole, copied the format for my post from one of her SOL posts.


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5 thoughts on “race day ready!

  1. Great slice, Amy! I can’t wait to hear how your race goes on Saturday. I applaud your commitment, determination, and enthusiasm–vital components for runners and writers!

  2. I am considering running another 1/2, but it may conflict with my daughter’s dance competition. I would love to see your plan! Do you have a copy of it you would be willing to send me? Good luck on Saturday.

  3. I wish I could run, but my body won’t let me; I have chronic numbness in my left leg and can’t take the pounding, but I do have a cycling goal for this spring and summer. That said, plan, prepare, and practice are the three words of advice I always offer students as they prepare for speeches. Nothing beats preparation and practice.

  4. Glenda, I’m glad to hear you are out there cycling. Running doesn’t work for everyone but I am an advocate any type of fitness. Best wishes obtaining your cycling goal! 🚴🏽

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