Because of What Happened

We never truly get over a loss, but we can move forward and evolve from it. ~Elizabeth Berrien

Because of what happened,

I look at life a bit different now.

Because of what happened,

I want to capture and treasure as many memories as possible.

Because of what happened,

I see how blessed I am to have such great family and friends.

Because of what happened,

I realized that I need to be a better person.

Because of what happened,

I learned how vulnerable yet strong I really am.

Because of what happened,

I understand that there may be days of sadness still in front of me.


Because of what happened,

I know that, yes, time does heal and I will make it through the day.


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18 thoughts on “Because of What Happened

  1. Amy, your poem not only helps you as you go through this difficult time, it is a reminder for all of us to live our lives consciously–to be in the moment. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Amy, thanks for sharing this wonderful poem. It is something I will take with me. I do not know exactly what happened, but I do feel your sadness has turned into breathing more life into the lives of others and into your own life.

    I read Kahlil Gibran in college and still have his writings including “A Tear and a Smile.” I guess that is what life is about – and tears do eventually turn into smiles. This beautiful poem reminds us to be present for our students, friends, and family. Be present – that, in itself, is a gift.

  3. We are the sum of our experience, aren’t we? Writing can be such an act of self-care when we are working through tough feelings. I hope your words brought you some peace today.

  4. Such a beautiful poem. I was instantly drawn in, being a young widow of three years myself, I feel the pain and sadness of your words. I will be printing out your poem as I sense hope in the words too.
    Thank you for being vulnerable.

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