Bunfest 2016

As I mentioned in an earlier post I volunteer at our local SPCA animal shelter, and this Saturday was my turn to volunteer spend time playing with the bunnies. That meant at trip to BJ’s to buy “greens” for the shelter rabbits and Guinea pigs. The weekly trip usually ends up with me purchasing an obscene amount of lettuce, kale, and carrots.  I often wonder what the employees at BJ’s think when they check my receipt. For the record, I’m not a vegetarian.


buying the greens

This Saturday was a special Saturday though.  Not only did I volunteer but I attended the yearly Bunfest.

Quite simply, Bunfest is all things bunny related, but the major focus is to emphasize animal adoption (#adoptdontshop). There are healthy treats for our furry friends, pictures with our furry friends, and volunteers crazy rabbit ladies available to answer questions about all things bunny related. People are even encouraged to bring their fur baby, or babies, along.  I saw rabbits in special bunny strollers (I kid you not!), and I saw rabbits in snuggle sacks. My rabbits, Buddy & Yoshi, stayed at home.  They are true introverts and the whole Bunfest thing would stress them out! *sigh*


I entered the Small Animal Room (SAR) and I was greeted by eleven rabbits and six Guinea pigs screaming FEED.ME.NOW! Our Small Animal Room is filled to the max! It would take me forever to clean the cages, let the animals out for playtime, and feed them. I.WANTED.TO.CRY!  And, just so you know, I can run a 1/2 marathon faster than the time it takes me to clean the SAR.


a snapshot of part of the Small Animal Room

I cleaned the cages, gave them breakfast, stole a kiss or two, and saw that they got their medicine.  These two made my heart melt, but I know I have to say “no” to anymore rabbits in our home, so I snapped a picture just for fun.


Smoke & Expresso

By 12:00pm I finally wrapped things up in the SAR and headed over to the Bunfest.  I’m happy to report that the community room was packed with bunny lovers of all ages.  I ended up making some purchases for my two rabbits, participated in the silent auction, and bought a rabbit book from a local author, who donated all the proceeds from Saturday’s Bunfest book sale to our local SPCA <3.

It was a worth-while and a fulfilling morning.  Kudos to the volunteers that made Bunfest 2016 a huge success.  And last but not least remember:

~~~~~the only bunny that should be given this Easter is a Chocolate one!~~~~~



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15 thoughts on “Bunfest 2016

  1. Amy, I’ve loved getting a window into your animal-filled world this month. Bunfest sounds like lots of fun but also a lot of work. I applaud your volunteerism! Those bunnies are lucky to have you. And, I’ve taken your words to heart, lots and lots of chocolate bunnies for Easter–that is what you said, right?

  2. I have had two rabbits in my lifetime and loved them so! I love the bunfest and the pic of the bunny standing up in the stroller was too cute!! I hope some babies got adopted yesterday.

  3. It was so much fun to see the images with your words. Thanks for taking time to include the wonderful photos with the text. I am thinking a lot about nonfiction text that teaches. When I talk with my students about nonfiction this is the kind of writing with images I hope will be part of their everyday lives. Beautiful work!

  4. The pictures are precious. I would have a difficult time volunteering at a shelter. I would want to bring everyone home which would not please the three we have. Your SPCA is lucky to have volunteers to help out.

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