A Writer’s Ramblings

I’m suppose to be writing…

but instead I decided to visit a few blogs first.  I hopped over to Literacy Learning Zone. I always love her posts so I read her slice and then left a comment: Great post! Thanks for sharing! I know it’s a lame comment, but I’m suppose to be writing my slice so something is better than nothing, right?

I’m suppose to be writing…

but my WordPress notification chimed.  I’m gong to just check it real fast before I get started.  I just want to see who it is. Oh, it’s Tara.  I’ll just reply swiftly with a speedy “Thanks!”  Another lame response, but I’m suppose to be writing!

I’m suppose to be writing…

but wait, I just visited Mrs. Nabors’ Nook.  I wonder if I follow her on Twitter.  I think I’ll be real zippy and check. Oh, I don’t follow her.  I better add her…okay, added. While I’m on Twitter I might as well check my feed PDQ (pretty darn quick!).  Even though nothing is ever truly quick, I’ll scroll through a few tweets.  Perfect! I think I’ll retweet the tweet about the Scholastic Reading Summit that I will be attending this summer. Whew, at least I made my presence of Twitter tonight.

I’m suppose to be writing…

but Holly just texted me-wants to know what my workout is going to be tomorrow.  I decided to text her back lickety-split: I’m running 6 miles. Join me if you want. I promise NO HILLS 🙂 Her reply back: No thanks, I’m going to the gym to do GRIT.  That’s Holly, she’s so hard core!

I’m suppose to be writing…

but I think I’ll check my INSTAGRAM.  It doesn’t take long for me to tap the heart button on the pics I like.  Besides that, Nicolle posted a picture of her dog Scout today and I want to write a comment before I forget.

I’m suppose to be writing…

but I guess I finally am!


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8 thoughts on “A Writer’s Ramblings

  1. This made me laugh. I have been in that same situation many times. I try the mantra “focus.” Doesn’t always work, but I eventually get done what I need to do.

  2. A common occurrence here. Always find an excuse or here to avoid starting…
    But you put the experience to words, and it makes it so real, and funny, and great. Good thing I don’t have all of those social media accounts or I would never arrive at the beginning.

  3. Amy, you are a writer! All of us are expert procrastinators. I can always find something to do when I sit down to write that isn’t writing…get a snack, check my Email, look at my notebooks, and so on. Your slice hit home with me.

  4. Loved this post, Amy. What a great format for a slice and sooooo true! First person was perfect! You’re so funny–I could just picture you bee-boppin’ all over the internet takin’ care of business!

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