the hummingbird

the hummingbird
symbolizes enjoyment of life
the sweetness of the day
to love more fully
the hummingbird
utters to be more present
demonstrates independence
brings playfulness and joy to life
the hummingbird
says lift up negativity
be resilient, travel great distances
express love in daily endeavors
the hummingbird


Life is a constant of changes. ย As I go through my days I am hoping the hummingbird symbolizes the life in which I am seeking. Today’s post is what is called a “found poem.” ย For more about found poems visit:

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11 thoughts on “the hummingbird

  1. Found poetry can be the way “in” to poetry for so-called reluctant writers. I like this one. Hummingbirds are fascinating to watch. They really do symbolize the “sweetness of the day.”

  2. Be resilient,
    where you find
    the sweetness:
    savor the flavor.
    us to be excited
    by beauty:
    above, beneath, beyond.
    Be resilient,
    Above all,
    be resilient.

    –Kevin, inspired by your found poem.

  3. Hummingbirds are fascinating, aren’t they? I love watching them feed outside my window each spring. It’s not quite time for them to arrive here yet, so I especially appreciated your poem as a preview of pleasures to come. Thanks!

  4. Hummingbirds are one of my favorite birds. They are so rare that spotting one is like a gift. You captured their spirit beautifully.


    (Also…your link to your Instagram account on your sidebar doesn’t work. Let me know how I can follow you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. We are OBSESSED with hummingbirds. We go through sugar by the 10-pound bag during the summer. I bought my husband hand feeders this year to try to get them to eat out of his hand. I”m sure I’ll be writing about it soon. Love your poem! ๐Ÿ™‚

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