Oh, Pinterest!

My husband is the chef of the house and my daughter is the pastry chef. And me? Well, I try to stay out of the kitchen at all costs, and my family likes it that way!  But, Maddie has always liked to tinker around with decorating cakes. Here’s a quick look at some of her cakes through the years:


Chocolate Lover’s Cake


Cupcaketastic Panda



Since Maddie is home for the Easter break she decided that she wanted to bake a cake for our family celebration.  Off to Pinterest she went to look for the perfect Easter cake. This is what she found so I told her to go for it!

She bought all the ingredients, purchased the special cake decorating tip and even found a cake stand at Home Goods for her Easter cake. Then we scheduled a time for her to be in the kitchen since Matt would be using the oven to cook the hams.

Here’s how it unfolded:

  • coloring and baking the three layers of the cake: check
  • allowing enough time for the cakes to cool: check
  • followed the icing recipe to a tee and making the icing: check
  • cakes coming out of the cake pan without any drama: check
  • stacking the cakes on the cake stand: check
  • icing the cake: FAIL! 😦

Now, I can’t help Maddie in the kitchen when an epic fail occurs.  Remember, I’m not the chef or the pastry chef. Basically, I’m the dishwasher. So, Maddie was left to her own defenses since Matt was not home.  She improvised and messed around with the icing the best she could, but time on the clock was tick, tick, ticking! And, her frustration level was rise, rise, rising!  The icing for some reason was not the correct consistency. With that being said, she didn’t get to use the new cake decorating tip nor did she decorate the top of the cake the way she wanted. While Maddie was a bit bummed, here’s the final product:

Lesson learned: when it comes to baking you can’t always trust the recipes you find on Pinterest.  This isn’t the first time this has happened, but hopefully it’s the last!

Happy Easter!


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9 thoughts on “Oh, Pinterest!

  1. Poor Maddie. Sometimes the most delicious sweets, aren’t always breathtaking to look at! I admit that your piece this morning make me chuckle. I can see it happening, been there myself. I bet she mix, mix, mixes her way to a successful icing next time around. Happy Easter, Amy, and enjoy the Peeps!

  2. I think it is perfect — and it will be a story to remember and cherish. I love that you went to Homegoods to find a stand. My mom had lots of cake stands – some even with covers. I use them on my counter -I try to always have one filled with baked goods for my kids. She will treasure them as she gets older. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Maddie’s cake is perfect! How awesome that she has picked up baking as a hobby. I agree about the recipes on Pinterest. Sometimes the raves are over-the-top, but when I make the recipe, it’s kinda blah. Enjoy your cake!


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