Monday Blues

Wrapping the blankets around me

in my cozy, warm bed.

I have to rise and shine,

the alarm says it’s time!

Guess I’ve got a case

of the Monday back-to-school blues.

Feeling kind of groggy,

although I’m trying to deny it.

The weekend was busy,

full of family and celebrations.

I could use just one more day,

but the winter snow gave this Monday away!

The rays of sunshine reach out to me,

but I’m just a-wiggling,

definitely not a-giggling–

Got those Monday back-to-school blues!


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Slice of Life

14 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. This Monday is particularly un-fun for me as well–after two weeks of Spring Break (why do they have two weeks?!) one of my kids is home sick from school. I am sorry she is sick and I’m glad my boys are off, but I’m ready for my routine to be my own again! Good luck with your Monday, hope you find bits of joy in it. 🙂

  2. I could almost hear the music behind your words. How fun! I hope your first day back is a good one. Just remember — you can’t finish the year out and get to summer break if you don’t have that first day back. 🙂

  3. Just a-wiggling, definitely not a-giggling! Great lines for your Monday back-to-school blues. Reading your post made me giggle! Glad your day went okay. It’s usually alright, but sometimes it’s hard to head back.

  4. What a fun poem! We are just going back to school today from our spring break too. Though I was looking forward to seeing my students and hearing about their break, it was a bit harder than usual to get going.


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