A Moment of Zen

As a child, I remember…

the magic, the enchantment, the fascination,

the vibrant colors of the tiny pebbles,

the rotation of the wheel,

the tumbling of the cut glass to the right, to the left,

the amazement of how the colors fell into place,

the uniqueness of the patterns,

the way the light enters, creates the intricate yet beautiful symmetrical design,

for no two designs are ever the same–

the magic of the kaleidoscope!

The Zen of the Kaleidoscope 


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You allow me to regress back,

to the simplicity of my childhood.

Patterns of predictability,

while simultaneously being mindful.

Working at a steadfast pace,

that creates a tangible piece of art–

a feeling of accomplishment.

You give me permission to slow down,

and enjoy the moment.

The Zen of Coloring




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5 thoughts on “A Moment of Zen

  1. Kaleidoscopes and coloring books…zen in both of them. There’s just something about the vibrancy of color that moves me too. I look for kaleidoscopes for my grandchildren whenever I’m in a novelty store. They love them. (But the real deal is I get to play with them too).

  2. Kaleidoscope are neat. The patterns they create are fascinating. When we go to a quilt show there is usually one kaleidoscope quilt that catches my eye.

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