April Is Here!

In April I see…

liveliness as the neighborhood stirs with eagerness to enjoy the day,

blossoms of perfect pink on the Kwanzan cherry tree,

wisps of yellow forsythia all around,

vibrant color of the lush green grass.

In April I hear…

honking of the gaggle of geese flocking to claim their territory,

pitter-patter of April showers on a hushed afternoon,

a chorus of spring peepers amidst wet, soggy ground,

cheering of children playing baseball at the park.

In April I feel…

crisp, clear air as the sun rises during a morning run,

the breeze of the warm swirling wind that brings delight,

warmth of the sun’s rays stretching longer each day,

excitement for the days ahead.

April is here!


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17 thoughts on “April Is Here!

  1. Love it, Amy, and I’m so happy to see that you’re slicing on Tuesdays. Yay! Would you mind if I shared this poem with my class? We’re studying and writing poetry and I think this format might spark some ideas.

    • Thanks, Molly! I’m going to try to be here on Tuesdays. Please do feel free to share! I had fun thinking, observing and writing about April.

    • Molly, please do share. I would be honored and I would love to see what ideas your students develop. About this Tuesday blogging, I’m going to give it a shot. Thanks for inviting me!

  2. YAY! Spring is making her presence known!! (Or at least she is where you live…it’s snowing here today.) You captured it all beautifully. My favorite line is: “liveliness as the neighborhood stirs with eagerness to enjoy the day.” Isn’t it wonderful to hear life going on around us again instead of just the empty, howling winds of winter?


  3. “Warmth of the sun’s rays stretching longer each day.” Love it. We are leaving today to go north for a few days where today’s and tomorrow’s lows will be 17 degrees. But spring IS here, and we know that warmth is coming. Thanks for the poem, Amy!

      • Amy, I was working from my Iphone and I inadvertently marked you as “spam.” So sorry. I do enjoy reading your blog and your comments. It’s pouring here today, but “April showers,” and all that. 🙂

  4. Love the poem about April with the scaffold and exploration through the senses! A chorus of spring peepers was my favorite line. I will look for you on Tuesdays, Amy. May I share this poem with some teachers? It would be a great model for them and for their students.

    • I love, love, love listening to the spring peepers. It’s one of the first sounds that tells me warmer days are ahead. Please feel free to share my poem. I would b honored, Lynne!

  5. Great poem Amy! We’re in Michigan and it’s still cold, but your poem gives me hope that Spring will come!

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