a celebration list

I love to make lists. I make to-do lists, grocery lists, exercise lists, lists for projects, book lists…heck, the list goes on and on! I have an app for my lists and I keep lists in a journal. If I complete a task that’s not on my list, I sometimes put it on my list just so I can experience the thrill of checking it off my list…I know, I’m not right.

Well, this week I decided to keep a celebration list. Here are a few of the simple, yet meaningful, celebrations from that list.

Sunday’s celebrations,
sleeping in a little extra longer,
then a shopping trip with Maddie to the new At Home store,
finish the day with Matt making pork fried rice for dinner.
Monday’s celebrations,
seeing and feeling the warm sunshine after a rainy weekend,
running a fast 4 miles followed by a relaxing yoga class,
finally concluding the day with tacos for supper.
Tuesday’s celebrations,
another day of the sun basking in the crystal blue sky,
knocking out a 3 mile run,
starting a new book, The War that Saved My Life.
Wednesday’s celebrations,
a trip to the salon for a fresh new haircut and color,
spending time with family,
dinner out on the town celebrating our *25th wedding anniversary.*
Thursday’s celebrations,
embracing the warm weather that has arrived,
discussing summer reading with my students,
heading out to the gym for some strength training and stretching.
Friday’s celebrations,
getting ready for a three day weekend,
knowing that there is less than a week left of school,
picking up take-out for a quick and easy dinner.
Saturday’s celebrations,
waking up extra, extra early to leave for Lake Placid, NY,
spending seven hours in the car chit-chatting with great friends,
a visit to the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery for some pizza and brews.

celebrate list 2
 Join in each Saturday for Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres.
It’s a time to celebrate the joy!

7 thoughts on “a celebration list

  1. I love the idea of a celebrations list! Congratulations on your big anniversary and enjoy “The War that Saved My Life.” It was a favorite in my classroom and we Skyped with the author last week who revealed that she is working on a sequel. Safe travels too!


  2. So many small celebrations slip through the day unless we take note. I love that you jotted each day! Loved The War That Saved My Life! Happy anniversary and enjoy your Lake Placid time, can’t go wrong when pizza and brews are involved.

  3. Your list is comprehensive, Amy. Some things struck me: the way you keep up with your exercise routine, your trip to Lake Placid (oh, how I love that town), your positivity. There – another list!

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