The Two of Us

She reads blogs on her iPad,
while he watches the Ravens on Monday Night football;
she likes to work in the garden,
he takes care of the yard.
She sips hot tea in the morning,
but he enjoys a cup of black coffee;
at dinner she likes wine,
but a cold beer for him is fine.
She uses her left hand,
he is right-handed;
she is concrete first, creative next,
flip-flop for him-he’s creative then concrete.
She questions everything,
but he goes with the flow;
she’ll worry if it will be okay,
and he says of course it will be!
But in tandem for twenty-five years,
they have found the balance;
she is the yin,
he is the yang;
together forever,
until the end.
 Left Bank


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11 thoughts on “The Two of Us

  1. Congratulations! Your poem tells so much about you and your husband and how you complement each other so well. Allan and I celebrated 39 years together on Saturday!

  2. Congratulations! Your poem captures your relationship and the photo captures the love. I enjoyed this peek into your special bond.

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