On My Radar

This week in celebrating what’s on my radar of life!

On my running radar:

I will finish week #5 of the training plan for my upcoming 10 miler race, which is on August 27th. My week will round out with me running a total 20 miles in the heat and humidity.  Hopefully, Sunday will be cooler for my 8 mile long run. I can honestly say the temperatures are crushing my pace, but I’ll continue to push through. I am happy though that I ran a 4 miler this week and did break through the brick wall of heat. I also got in some cross-training this week of Yoga, BODYFLOW, BODYPUMP, and CXWORX.


breaking the brick wall

On my reading radar:

You know it’s a great book when I finish it *fast*, since I’m the world’s slowest reader! Last week I finished Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. It is geared toward the young adult reader and reminded me of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. In fact, I liked Yoon’s book more so than Green’s. This week I’ll be wrapping up to I Will Always Write Back by Alifirenka & Ganda. It’s a compelling true story of a friendship from two different worlds. It’s an awe inspiring memoir that truly makes me appreciate the simple things of my life.


two must reads

On my rockin’ mom radar:

The countdown is on! Maddie’s summer here at home is quickly coming to a halt – only one more week before she’s back at school. We have been busy shopping for her first-time apartment. I’m enjoying our time together shopping and the time we’ve been spending together at the gym. She’s a great workout buddy too!


yoga buddies

And that’s a wrap for this runner, reader, and rockin’ mom!



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11 thoughts on “On My Radar

  1. In a teacher’s life summer ending brings on a maelstrom of emotions and when you throw in kids leaving home for college (again) it really gets intense. I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had with my girls this summer and am sad they’re leaving so soon. Your yoga buddy picture with Maddie made me tear up. I love it! What a dynamic duo! Relationships with adult children are so rewarding. On another note, I’m uber impressed with your athletic dedication in the face of the ongoing heat and humidity! Wow!

  2. Although it’s bittersweet, it’s also fun to have a grown-up child to enjoy, and to help with their own first home. Congrats on the running too, especially in humidity! Whew!

  3. Amy, love this weekly wrap-up. So fun to see the pic of you and your daughter. I will hope for a break in your heat for your upcoming training runs and race. I’m headed your way for a quick Teddy visit the end of the month.

  4. May I admire your running pace for a moment?!?!? You go Mama! Thanks for the book recommendations, I always add blog recommendations to my TBR lists. Good luck shopping, sounds like a great time!

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