Whole 30: Love It or Loathe It?

There are less than 24 hours, less than 24 hours left on my Whole 30 journey! By the time this post is published I will be on Day #30.


***throw confetti***

***do a happy dance***

Matt and I began our journey on July 11th right after we wrapped up our family vacation. You can read the previous posts here, here, and here. Basically though, Whole 30 is about eating whole real/natural foods.


So, how has it been?

Truthfully it’s been an emotional roller coaster for me. Love, hate, tolerate is where I’ve been with this journey. But, I made a choice, I took a chance, and I definitely saw a change – a change for the positive no matter which way I look at it.

Whole 30, while it’s about food, I believe it’s about much more. It’s about self-control and a mindset, a growth mindset. It’s about planning and being prepared. It’s about setting expectations, making a commitment, and wrapping your mind around a challenge.

Yes, I missed cheese. Yes, I missed a glass of wine at dinner, and yes I missed ice cream. But, what I know for sure is that all of these foods will be consumed in limited quantities from this point forward. I am currently in the best shape of my life after completing Whole 30. While it wasn’t about weight loss for me, I did lose a significant amount of weight and so did Matt. I am truly amazed at how my body has changed. My sleep improved to a certain extent. It’s still not consistent, but it is improved. And, I do have more energy.

On the other hand, there were days that I didn’t want to eat another scrambled egg for breakfast. I didn’t want chia pudding as a snack. And, I certainly didn’t want to eat another daggone salad for lunch. I mean in the last thirty days we have had National Ice Cream Day and National Chocolate Chip Cookies Day…seriously!  I never even knew there was such a day and of course they had to fall during my Whole 30 journey. But, motivation is what got me to look the other way and stay committed to the goal I set out to reach. It became a habit, a healthy habit.


I’ve been committed to my fitness journey for the last five years. I run half-marathons, marathons, and cross-train. These activities burn serious, serious calories, and I have reaped the benefits of my exercise routine. It has taken time. Time I’m willing to spend to stay healthy. But this, Whole 30, is a definite game-changer. By day number 22, I was feeling calm, confident, and strong. The Whole 30 gurus call it “Tiger Blood” and it is a great feeling!

You hear so much about calories in, calories out, but I truly don’t believe that’s where you get your bang for your buck.


Real food, folks. Real whole food. Not protein shakes, not cutting back your calories so that you’re starving. I didn’t count one single calorie on this journey. Not one. I ate real food and I ate it whenever I wanted. I now realize how powerful food is, and unfortunately how much garbage food is out there. And, it’s out there! I read all the labels now. And so much of it is junk and overrun with sugar and mysterious ingredients. But, there is good stuff out there and you can find if you take the time and make the commitment.

So, Whole 30…do I love it or do I loathe it?

Yes, I loved it at times…

Yes, I loathed it at times…

But most of all I learned from it-the power of my mind, the power of my body, and the power of food. It does all start with food! While Whole 30 won’t be my day in and day out daily lifestyle, it has changed my thinking about what I will and will not eat from this point forward.





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25 thoughts on “Whole 30: Love It or Loathe It?

  1. Food definitely is powerful! I love that you were real about love, hate and tolerate. I haven’t tried Whole 30, I love beans, but I’ve been curious. Congratulations on sticking with it. Do you plan to continue to do so? I’m giving up sugar once the school year starts (August 15), I can’t image it right now but I’m thinking I just need to change my mind like you did.

  2. There is something so empowering when you stick to a plan. Congratulations. I did Paleo for about 4 months and now I maintain my diet better. Good for you.

  3. This is inspiring, even if your reader doesn’t plan on doing this same diet.
    While travelling I got mostly off sugars and now, at home, I am eating more and struggling with headaches. No Tiger Blood at present. So I am inspired by your post to make some changes.

  4. Congratulations on getting to the end of your Whole 30 journey. You are so right when you say it’s about mindset. It’s certainly not easy to change eating habits, but it becomes easier when it’s about eating for health. Whole foods is such a healthier way of eating. Losing weight can be a benefit, but the biggest benefit is what eating right does for our well-being.

  5. Amy, Congratulations! I loved reading about your Whole 30 journey. This paragraph in particular jumped out at me: “Whole 30, while it’s about food, I believe it’s about much more. It’s about self-control and a mindset, a growth mindset. It’s about planning and being prepared. It’s about setting expectations, making a commitment, and wrapping your mind around a challenge.” There is such truth here. I also appreciate your honesty about the journey with all its ups and downs. Do you know anything about vegetarians and Whole 30? I’m tempted to investigate and reap some of those benefits you touted…Tiger Blood! I really like the sound of that!

    • Thanks, Molly! Yes, Whole 30 does discuss a vegetarian version. They’ve dedicated a few pages to it in their book and they might address on their website. The website is very informative too!

  6. Congratulations on what must have been a very hard journey! Love the application to other parts of your life – “It’s about self-control and a mindset, a growth mindset. It’s about planning and being prepared. It’s about setting expectations, making a commitment, and wrapping your mind around a challenge.” Any thoughts on whether you will stay off sugar henceforth?

  7. I appreciated the honesty of your account. Your experience was indeed powerful. I have lately been wanting to be fit. This is a long road back from letting things go, excusing it with overwork and aging. You are right. It isn’t about calorie counting. It is about being active and eating well.
    Eating right. I won’t be young or thin again, but I can be fit.

  8. What a major accomplishment! I really like real food approaches to healthy living. Packaged goods may be convenient, but as you’ve said, they’re loaded with lots of not-so-natural additives. Your post is inspiring me to better health!

  9. Your perseverance has paid off. I am “stuck” in a mode of eating I am not happy with…still crave sweet things. You’ve encouraged me to start thinking again about how to solve this problem. Congratulations!

  10. Amy, it was the way that you wrote about Whole30 that got me thinking it would be a good fit with my desire to be more fit. And I have 6 more days to go. I just wanted to thank you — because I feel great and have gotten that morning routine going to walk/run/walk/run in the morning before school. I never thought I could do that. It’s pathetic sometimes, as I am getting back in shape from way out, but I have loved the food discipline. It has empowered me to start up the school year without all the doughnuts, bagels and stuff that goes around. Six days of trainings with bags of miniature candy bars on the table every afternoon — and I didn’t want one.
    Wow. Thanks for your inspiring post.

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