i believe

~i believe life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful~i believe you should be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody~i believe you should be true, be you, be kind~i believe you should do more with less~i believe fear is what stops you~i believe courage is what keeps you going~i believe your mind believes what you tell it~i believe you should tell it positive thoughts~i believe you should make your life a story worth telling~i believe you should tell your story~i believe some days it’s difficult to be strong~i believe you can be brave and show up~i believe there are 3 c’s in life~i believe you have a choice~i believe you should take a chance~i believe you can make a change~i believe you should make a list of things that make you happy~i believe you should make a list of things you do everyday~i believe you should compare the lists~i believe you should adjust your list accordingly~i believe life is an adventure~i believe you should go live it~i believe it’s nice to be important~i believe it’s more important to be nice~i believe you should bark less~i believe you should wag more~i believe you should throw kindness around like it’s confetti~i believe when faced with fear you have two choices~i believe you can forget everything and run or i believe you can face everything and rise~i believe you shouldn’t count the days~i believe you should make the days count~i believe you should live your life to the fullest~i believe you should laugh along the way~i believe you should share some love~i believe you should repeat it again the next day!~


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6 thoughts on “i believe

  1. I agree with Jennifer. This post is full of positives so share away at #PositiveThinkingThursday! Here’s one I made for you, Amy: I believe that you should share your positive attitude at #Summerscapes with a digital of one of your summerscape moments that rocked your world.

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