goodbye, hello


goodbye to a fun-filled summer vacation,

hello to the hustle and bustle of school days jam-packed with learning.

goodbye to Maddie once more,

hello to her junior year at college.

goodbye to the ARC ten miler race,

hello to Hershey 1/2 marathon training.

goodbye to our family vacation by the lake,

hello to a beach get-a-way for just the two of us.

goodbye to the fireflies lighting up the night sky,

hello to the cicadas singing in the trees above.

goodbye to summer reading of nine ten, riding freedom, and booked,

hello to the thing about jellyfish, moo, and because of winn-dixie.

goodbye to you again as i start the school year without you here,

hello to the memories we shared and your words that echo in my ears.

goodbye to the sizzling days of the august summer,

hello to the crisp days of september and fall.


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23 thoughts on “goodbye, hello

    • Thanks, Molly! I always appreciate your kind and encouraging comments. I’ve been thinking about you and your 4th grade students. Please share away and enjoy your new year too!

  1. I also like the form of this piece – hello and goodby. I always feel as thought the true start of the new year is September 1st. This piece is an thoughtful interpretation of that idea.

    • Thanks, Adrienne! I mainly teach reading and rarely have the opportunity to dabble in reflective writing so I probably won’t have my students do something similar. It’s a bummer.

  2. I enjoyed your hello/goodbye post today. I have found that this format, and others like it, work really well for me when I have a lot of thoughts and feelings to share like you did today. It’s gentle, it’s easy, it’s expansive as are your thoughts today.

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  4. Love this goodbye, hello format. I used to have my students write a paragraph to kiss summer goodbye and then, one to embrace festive fall. This is even better. I’ll be sharing it with some teacher friends. My favorite? Those fireflies lighting up the night sky.

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