I Didn’t Want To…

It was Sunday morning…

I didn’t want to get up at 5:00 AM,

but I did.

I didn’t want to eat breakfast at 5:30 AM,

but I did.

I didn’t want to put on my running gear,

but I did.

I wanted to stay in bed,

under the covers.

I wanted to eat a leisurely breakfast,

peruse my book.

I wanted to snuggle with the fur kids,

steal a kiss or two, or three,

but I didn’t.

It was Sunday morning…

I was out the door before 7:00 AM.

I ran and I ran and I ran.

I heard a chorus of crickets,

and the cicadas sing.

I caught a glimpse of a gaggle of geese.

I watched the fog fade and the sun ascend.

Then I spotted Geneva,

pushing her walker,

down her driveway,



yelling, “You’re so fast!”

And then there was Robert with his Golden Retriever, Max,

remarking, “You sure are a dedicated runner!”

So I ran and I ran and I ran.

I conquered those 11 miles.

I didn’t want to, but I did!

Finished, fulfilled, finalized!

No regrets, no ruefulness!


11 mile training run for Hershey 1/2



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10 thoughts on “I Didn’t Want To…

  1. Timely post for me, as I sit here on the computer looking at the clock in the corner and realizing I should be getting ready to work out. I enjoyed the snippets of your surroundings and neighbors on your run!

  2. If I look purely at the literary elements of your piece, I see the structured patterns of your words. I hear the repetitive refrain and the alliteration. I also liked the effective use of line breaks and the change up that occurred part way through. When I focus on the subject I hear the inner struggle and the challenge taking place within you. The fulfillment of the task shines through in your willingness to persist. It is the easiest thing in the world to give up. It is so much more rewarding to persist. A great read!

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