A Promise Broken

I knew you would be leaving on this day;

I told myself you’ll be home before long,

before I even know it.

The calendar is marked,

so I know it’s true.

You’ll be home soon,

sooner rather than later.

We had a tranquil Sunday at home.

You did your laundry,

spent some time with the fur babies,

focused on your school work.

It was a quiet morning.

And then 3:00 PM arrived.

We packed your car.

You said good-bye.

I gave you a hug,

said, “I love you.”

As I watched your car back out of the driveway,

I promised I wouldn’t cry,

I promised I wouldn’t cry.

I turned and walked away,

through the garage,

into the house.

Then I ran!

I ran to the front door,

to catch one more glimpse!

Just one.more.glimpse!

I espied your car,

drift, drift, drifting out of sight!

And I cried;

I cried.

A promise broken,

a promise broken.


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14 thoughts on “A Promise Broken

  1. Our emotions get the best of us, don’t they? This is a poem every parent of a young adult can relate to. I’m sure I’ll be breaking that promise on Christmas as well–our first without our eldest, who is working in Japan.

  2. Oh, Amy…..I totally “get” this. I experienced a bit of this myself this past weekend, as I’m sure many of us did. Seeing our kids come and go is really an emotional rollercoaster, isn’t it? Excited to see them come back and broken when they leave. I hope the next few weeks go quickly for you until your daughter returns again.

  3. We experience this moment in our own ways, but it’s never easy. As much as I told myself that my son was ready to take off and that I was prepared too, it must have been the most painful moment for me. As a single mother living in Asia, sending her son across continents to start his higher education, I felt so disoriented and lonely. My world revolved around this child!

  4. So many mixed emotions at a time like this. Pride in knowing that we have prepared someone to face the world on his own, fear because we don’t know what the future will bring, joy that we got to spend time with out loved ones, sadness that the time is over and everyday life calls. This is a promise that has been broken by parents, continues to be broken, and will be broken by future generations..

  5. This reminds me of when my daughter left for Chile and I promised not to cry and I kept my promise. But as I walked away from the check-in line, I realized that I still had her jacket in my hand. And that’s when she saw my tears.

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