Friendship Friday


|ˈfren(d)SHip|  noun

people who share common feelings,

emotions, trust, and support

over an extended period of time.

As in: Meeting during the 6th grade

camping trip in 1982,

when we were 12.

Friends through junior high

and Miss Maylock’s English class.

Oh, Miss Maylock’s English class,

We still laugh about it today!

Listening to our favorite bands in our high school years:

INXS, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears.

Dreaming of the day we’d visit England or Australia.

Sleepovers, staying up late,

asking the Oujia board who would be our date.


As in: Drifting apart after high school,

a casual call here and casual call there.

Nicolle leaving for college,

me starting a career.


As in: Reuniting in the best year,

the magical year of 1996.

The blessing of a baby girl for her,

and a baby girl for me.

Moving into new homes,

just minutes apart.

Celebrating husbands who are friends.

Going out to eat,

or a carefree cookout by the pool.

It’s the 35 years of memories we made,

and many more we will create.


Nicolle & Me


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9 thoughts on “Friendship Friday

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  2. Another great structure for a post! I’m definitely tucking this one away for later this month! I love the story of your friendship and how it has evolved across the years. Your early year details made me smile (Duran Duran!). How lucky you are to have a long-time friend who shares all those wonderful memories and who is building more with you now.

  3. Oh, I loved reading this, Amy! Such a happy ending with the two of you living close by and being able to continue to grow your wonderful friendship. The wonderful details of singing groups, your English class, the camping trip, Duran Duran, and the Oujia Board – made me think of similar experiences I had in junior high and high school. A great read this morning!

  4. Thanks, Amy, for this tribute to friendship. You know, I know you know, that when you have a true friend, though you may be apart for many years, the minute you reconnect, it’s as if you were never separated. Love the photos too. Some day I’ll learn how to post photos to my posts. Ha!

  5. Friendship is something to be celebrated. It is something time and distance doesn’t diminish. I know because I reconnected with some friends after 30 years.

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