Microblogging…I’m giving it a try!

I enjoy blogging.


What I do enjoy is having blogged. Reminiscing through my old posts and reliving them, well, it makes is worth it.

What I don’t enjoy is how my need for creating the perfect post stands in the way. It’s time consuming. It seems to take me a long time to write for my blog. I never just “wing it.” I find myself going back and making a change here and making a change there. It finally gets to the point where I just regrettably hit publish or I decide to forget it and not even post. Usually it’s the latter.


Enter microblogging. I’m not sure where I heard this term or if I even made it up, but it has been working for me. My interpretation of microblogging is basically capturing a moment and writing a minimal amount about that moment in the moment.

The platform I’ve been using for microblogging is Instagram. Just recently I changed the name on my IG account and I have been working on creating what is meaningful content to me. I’ve also been working my writer’s voice and trying to make my IG page unique. Again, not winging it, but keeping it simple.

I love capturing quotes so I have been taking the time to microblog them. The app I’ve been using is a no frills app called InstaMessage. And in terms of photography, well, while my photography skills aren’t the best, they’re not the worst either. I ย enjoy highlighting the aspects of my family life and running life with photos. In fact, you’ll find me microblogging about similar content that I blog about right here. Sometimes my microblog post will serve as a springboard for a post here.

I’ve even started a second IG account that is solely devoted to my fur kids. It’s kind of like being a part of a secret cult. Us rabbit lovers unite and go ga-ga over each other’s fur kids. What’s even more ridiculous is that the IG account for my fur kids has only been up for a little more than a week and it has just about as many followers as my personal account that has been up for awhile. I guess my fur kids are more popular than me!

Sigh again!

Regardless, I’m going to keep capturing those moments here and capturing them there. Yes, writing is hard work, for me. But, I’ll keep pushing that pen and clicking those keys because the rewards outweigh the effort. I’ll wrap this up with this quote from George R. R. Martin that echoes in my ears:



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29 thoughts on “Microblogging…I’m giving it a try!

  1. That term has been around for some time, particularly connected to blogging on mobile devices. Tumblr is the most popular platform these days for microblogging, I think. Any chance to reflect, and connect, is a good, whatever the name. Good luck with yours, and I hope you add some of your own thoughts along with quotes that you share — that’s the blogging part!

  2. Microblogging sounds intriguing! It reminds me of the way I try to use my writer’s notebook (the one that’s gathering dust right now as so much of my writing has been on the computer lately). Taking time to capture a moment or a quote or a few thoughts (seed ideas!) in my notebook always pays big dividends and it sounds like microblogging is doing that for you. I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying your posts, so please keep on hitting “publish”!

    • Haha, the one’s that’s gathering dust. I so understand! I’m inspired by your photography and I’m hoping I can slow down and capture some nature pictures on my IG account. Thanks, Molly, for always inspiring me!

  3. I was in a session with @KristinZiemke once. She suggested 6 word stories or memes possible ways of crystalizing ideas (for grown ups and kids). They’re challenging, but fun too. Looks like you’re doing something similar. Glad you found a way in to your writing.

    • I actually have my students write a memoir which I call a Six by Six memoir. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be blogging about it this month. Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

  4. I think this is the truth for many, many of us. The reward is in having written. It’s the writing part that so many of us struggle with…and lose. Glad you found a way to tame that beast! (And I think it’s hilarious what you said about your fur baby IG account!)

  5. I’m with you on microblogging. The quote you shared…I’m stuck on that. I’m intrigued by the quote you shared. One of my favorites is so similar to this one except it’s attributed to Dorothy Parker. With a little bit of research I discovered, no one has ever been able to accurately link it to Parker. I didn’t mean to miss the point of your post, but I’m flummoxed by this quote thing.

    • I actually searched the quote and Parker’s name did appear too. There are several variations of the quote. I actually thought I read it in a Ralph Fletcher book. The point of my post was the quote, so it’s all good. Oh, and I heart the word “flummoxed” ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Amy, I’ve never heard of microblogging, but I am interested in its applications for students as well as an opportunity for me to try something new. I agree that it is important “to have written.” There is joy in knowing your words are visible and permanent. Often, the journey is a struggle and not always joyful. Flash fiction is an interesting way to approach writing as well. Thanks for sharing this.

    • “The journey is the struggle and not always joyful.” I like that, Lynne! I enjoy using Instagram. It’s on my phone, which is just about always with me, so it makes it perfect for capturing the moment.

  7. Perfection is the enemy of completion–or something like that! I so admire, Amy, how you keep trying new things.

  8. This is a new term for me, Amy. I don’t have an IG account and don’t really see myself getting one anytime soon. As far as writing goes, I admit that I am a wing-it writer, as evidenced by my posts and the many errors I find after I hit the publish button.

  9. I’m happy you’re taking on this challenge again! I always enjoy stopping by to see what you’ve written.

    I think any chance we give ourselves to reflect on our lives — at length or in short — is worthy.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Stacey. I couldn’t agree with you more about reflecting on our lives. And, thank you for hosting this writing community. It has allowed me to be brave enough to publish my writings. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I am intrigued by the idea of microblogging! I love learning how to live more fully into living like a writer. The idea of microblogging with Insta sounds like something to get my juices flowing in a new way and getting time to reflect without the pressure of producing in text. I will let you know how it goes! Excited and inspired by your post!

  11. I love the concept of microblogging. Summing up everything you want/need to say in once sentence. Though that has taken me two. Writing that has made it three and explaining it has made it four. Ooops (5)

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