March Is Here!

In March I see,

perennials sprouting from the ground,

a gaggle of geese taking ownership of the yard,

a bouquet of daffodils smiling at the sun,

squirrels scurrying after a short winter slumber.

In March I hear,

the soft whisper of the pale green willow tree branches swaying in the wind,

birds singing a morning song to welcome the day,

spring peepers chirping in the wetlands beyond,

mallards bantering with their mate.

In March I feel,

the days of sunlight extending longer each day,

a spring break to help rejuvenate,

a gentle, crisp breeze upon my face,

the excitement of the warmer days ahead.

March is here!




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11 thoughts on “March Is Here!

  1. Daffodils are my favorite flower. Are yours already blooming? They are lovely. Here in my part of PA it is windy and cold. Forsythia had been blossoming, but the very cold temperatures of the past few days has put that on hold. I do like March for the same reasons your wonderful poem reminds me of. Thanks.

    • I was fortunate to find the bouquet at the store. I haven’t seen them blooming in the neighborhood yet, although the shoots are there. It’s just a matter of time and I’m a bit anxious!

  2. What a lovely poem, Amy, with great description and word choice. I especially love the bantering mallards and the whispering willow branches. Spring seems far away from here and your post was a breath of hope that it will arrive…but probably not in March!

  3. Love the way you hit the senses with this, Amy. I haven’t heard any geese yet, but I am waiting. I did see the first robin in our yard. Bring on Spring!

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