A Treasured Heirloom

There is nothing more special, more meaningful than a family heirloom. A treasure, a treasure from the heart, that’s passed down through the generations.

At our house we have a room that contains these special heirlooms. We call it the antique room or the doll house room. I love this room not only for it’s uniqueness, but for the stories that it holds, the stories that it tells. Believe it or not, even the plants have a story! Yesterday, I wrote about one of those stories and you can read about it here.

My daughter’s doll house is in this room. I would say that Maddie’s doll house is majestic. It has impressive beauty. There’s the tall columns on the front porch and the finishing touches give it that stately appearance.


Inside there are nine rooms. They have wallpaper, baseboard, chair railing, crown molding, and carpet. There’s even electricity!


And once again, Maddie’s doll house has stories to tell. For me one of the most special aspects is that her doll house was made by my mother-in-law long before Maddie was born. My mother-in-law added a special detail so that this part of the story would never be forgotten.


While Maddie’s doll house hasn’t traveled as far as mine or been stuck in an attic, it has been through a few “storms”. Those storms would be those little fingers of fellow cousins who just couldn’t resist touching, coloring on the walls, and, well, breaking the furniture. When Maddie would visit Nana and see the destruction, it literally broke her heart! Maddie loved going to Nana’s and playing with the doll house. Fortunately, Nana knew how much Maddie loved the house and she restored it in 2004. That’s also the same time it took residence in the “doll house” room at our house.

Today the doll house is quiet. Little fingers rarely visit it, but when they do, you can see and feel the excitement. This doll house has more stories yet to tell, and I while I’m doubtful it will always reside in my house, I can’t wait to see what stories we will write together in the future.




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10 thoughts on “A Treasured Heirloom

  1. What an absolutely gorgeous doll house! What a treasure, indeed. And the fact that it was created and cared for by family members makes it even more special. When I was little, my father and older sister built me a very basic dollhouse with carpet and wallpaper scraps from our home. I still treasure it to this day.

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  3. “I love this room not only for it’s uniqueness, but for the stories that it holds, the stories that it tells.” Yes, stories are all around us. I just love Maddie’s dollhouse. How wonderful it was of Nana to restore it for her. The details are simply amazing! Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  4. Every doll house tells a story–at least your doll houses do! I love the connections you make and the title “A Treasured Heirloom” refers to the doll house and also your memories. Thanks, Amy.

  5. What a great companion piece to yesterday’s slice. I can see why little fingers would have a hard time not touching and playing with this. This house is made more special because it was restored with love by someone special for someone special.

  6. Oh Amy! How wonderfully special you are to write this story about my dollhouse to Maddie. Reading It brought tears to my eyes. What fun I had building it and furnishing it and best of all, knowing it is loved.

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