21 thoughts on “Seven Words Sunday: Kwame Alexander

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  2. So jealous that you have the third! Our state reading council just chose Booked as a finalist for a book award chosen by students. I was just emailing with Kwame yesterday – 🙂

    • My copy of The Playbook arrived on release date (thank you Amazon) and it is a beautiful book! The way it looks, the way it feels, the illustrations, the text. It’s so beautiful I *almost* didn’t want my readers to touch it. I think I need to purchase a second copy to keep as my “pretty” copy. And how jealous am I that you were emailing him! 😉

  3. I love this post! Seven powerful words because I, too, love Kwame Alexander. I heard him speak a few years ago at a PCTELA conference in Harrisburg. He kept the audience riveted the entire time–took questions, told stories. He is a fantastic speaker as well as a fine writer.

  4. One of my – and my daughter’s… and my students’ – all-time favorites! I had a chance to meet him at our local bookstore when he stopped by for a reading and signing event. WHAT A GEM.

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