This school year I purchased a pre-made journal/planner. What I love about it is that at the beginning of the month there is a place to establish goals. There is also a journaling page at the start and end of each month. Not only do I use the journal for planning, but I also use it for reflecting.

And, I’ve been using my journal to capture what my readers are saying. Writing and blogging certainly makes me a better listener, for you never know if something you say is going to turn into a blog post! When I capture what they’re saying, I jot it down in my journal and just for fun I hashtag it, #truestory, although I never tweet these captured moments. Here are some of the #truestory moments from this year:

“You make me excited about books like never before!” ~a.b.


“Your classroom just makes me want to just sit down and read.” ~o.t.


“I read for 60 minutes last night and it left me at a cliff hanger! I wanted to keep on reading!” ~k.s.


“My mom said that it was time to go shopping and I said, ‘Mom, I can’t! I want to read!’ So I took my book in the car with me.” ~m.w.


Me: “I’m starting Wish today, Marlee.”

Marlee: “Hurry up and read it fast so we can talk about it!”


“Last night I needed to keep on reading my book! I turned on my little clip light and read under the covers.” ~z.z.


“Is today a reading day? I hope so. It’s the best part of the day!” ~b.a.


Student #1: “This room is really, really cool! What do you need to do to be able to come here?

Student #2: “You pretty much have to suck at reading.”


“I love this book Wish and I love this class. This is my favorite part of the day!” ~k.s.


I’m going to be honest here. There are days when I wonder if my readers are making enough progress. Progress is limited and sometimes stalled. On those days I revisit these #truestories and I know that #kidsarereading and that #kidslovebooks. What more could I ask for? This #truestory and that #truestory reminds me to keep chugging along.

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” ~a.w.



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15 thoughts on “#truestory

  1. I am chuckling at using hashtags in a paper journal (chuckling in a good way).
    And I love the true story notion, of paying attention.

  2. Reading is tough and I tell my students that seeing progress is like running a marathon. I love these #truestories!!! I agree with Kevin, the hashtag is so cool! Did your students make those signs? Love them. Thanks for the peek into your classroom. Loved it! #iwishiwasthere

  3. The atmosphere in your room is so positive – it shines through in each of your posts. I absolutely love the idea of recording student responses. loved reading them here. The line about listening because anything might become a blog post is all too true – made me smile!

  4. What a great way to document your readers’ journey! I’ve never thought of recording these things in my planner, but I think I’m going to start. Your students’ comments say a lot about the kind of teacher you are. Thanks, friend! (PS – I just finished The Sun is Also a Star. I see you are reading it now. It is AWESOME!)

  5. Amy, I love the #truestory notebook. I wonder if they could be published as a collection? They are so motivating to read – both teachers and students alike can be inspired by these words! Thanks for another glimpse into your classroom!

  6. So much fun to hear your #truestories. I love the student signs on the bookshelves. Your students’ words are an inspiration and a testament to the classroom environment that you have created and the teacher that you are. #teachon #booksrule!

  7. Love your post, the format, and most of all how your readers are responding to reading both in your room and at home! I love the journal – planner – notebook idea. I also love that you use your journal to reflect back on comments for days that aren’t as positive and encouraging!

  8. I’m obsessed with the idea of a planner like this, although I’ve never had success with one. Will you keep it as a diary of sorts? How fun to revisit from time to time. It captures so many wonderful moments to be remembered…and possibly sliced about. 🙂

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