What’s Your Marathon?

I’m a runner.

I’ve planned, trained, and completed 4 marathons (26.2 miles). The training plan requires 72 days of training over a span of 18 weeks. It’s an enormous commitment.

And then race day arrives. My mind plays mental games. “Trust in your training, trust in your training,” I whisper to myself again and again. I step up to the starting line and I run. I run up the hills. I glide down them. I use the flat road ahead for recovery. Β It’s a roller coaster of emotions and a ping-pong of thoughts the entire time. I exhaust both physical and mental energy. Consequently, this saying that I stumbled upon couldn’t be any further from the truth.


Enter the Slice of Life Story Challenge. It’s a marathon of writing. Thirty-one days of blogging and sharing life stories during the month of March.

I’ve blogged throughout the year so I’ve trained. I created a rough drafts here, there, and everywhere. I’ve spent time planning what I will write. Some are content rich and some say less but perhaps mean more. Yes, I’ve planned. And I showed up at the starting line on March 1st and have blogged for the last twenty-five days.

On March 23rd I pretty much felt like I was at mile marker 20. I have the topics. I actually have more topics than what I need to complete the challenge. But I’m tired. This marathon of writing is taxing on my mind. I feel like my writing is dead.

Today, March 25th, I feel like I’m at mile marker 22…I’m ready to quit. I’ve told my husband to remind me not to sign up next year. It’s been a balancing act to say the least. But just like running my marathon, I keep.on.going. I keep.on.writing.

Why do I keep on going? I keep on going because next week I know I will have crossed the finish line…too tough to kill. Undoubtably, I will forget about the anguish. What I will have is thirty-one days of memories and thoughts captured and shared, always here to relive and enjoy.Β I’ve come to realize that we all face marathons in our life in one way or another and we keep plugging away. This month, this challenge has been a marathon of writing, a marathon of writing for me. What’s your marathon?


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23 thoughts on “What’s Your Marathon?

  1. I love this comparison though I hate the thought that you might not write next year!!! (I’m clinging to the hope that you probably said that after finishing your running marathons as well and yet, you keep signing up.–Fingers crossed! ) I was nodding my head when you wrote, “I have the topics. I actually have more topics than what I need to complete the challenge. But I’m tired.” I’ve jotted down all sorts of ideas that I’d like to dive into…sometime. Right now, some of them feel too big. Some too personal. Some just seem sort of….pointless. At any rate, I’m with you. This is the final push–we’ll all be celebrating on Friday and feeling at loose ends on Saturday. You’ve got this!

    • Thank you, Molly! Your invitation to show up and your kind comments are sometimes all I need to say “okay, I’ll do it” but I’m not going to commit today! Haha!

      • Molly said everything I was thinking … so I’m just going to ditto her. And, oh, added to writing is all the reading and commenting…

  2. I’m not a runner (unless I’m being chased :), but it sounds like running is a lot like many other challenges we face in life — it’s a head game. That voice inside us is very powerful. I’m so glad you powered through over the past 25 days.

    • I have not. It’s funny you ask because on March 13th I wrote a post about Boston, The Lies I Tell Myself. I’m going to speculate that you have? Oh, and those orange slices and water were delicious. It was just the kick I needed! πŸ™‚

  3. So well put. You are correct. It is a marathon of writing. This is only my second year of the challenge, but I am at the it’s killing me stage. Thank you for the inspiration to keep going. I know I was jubilant when it finished last year, and want that feeling again this year.

    • Yes, it’s that feeling of accomplish that washes away those feelings of being overwhelmed. It’s my second full year of the challenge. The first time I signed up I made it about a week and a half. I said it was a 5k! πŸ˜‰

  4. I so admire you. I would love to “learn” to run. My marathon is writing every day this year, after being rejected to write something more formal more times that I can count. I’m down, but I’m not out.

  5. These words: “I’ve come to realize that we all face marathons in our life in one way or another and we keep plugging away. ” allow for a connection with so many people – marathoners and otherwise.
    Great connections.
    For me the challenge is not writing each day, it’s what I pushed aside to write that caused more of the personal challenge!

  6. You have said it so well, Amy. I would not have thought about comparing it to a marathon, but you are so right. The finish line is in sight. We can all reach that goal.

  7. First of all, hats off to you! Training and completing four marathons is no small feat. The feeling of accomplishment at the end must be amazing. I love your quote about being too tough to kill! πŸ™‚ I love your comparison to this challenge as it is so hard some days, and would be so easy to give up. I’ve felt that way a couple times as well. (honestly, today was one of those times) however, we’ve made it this far and I’m so proud that I’ve done 25 straight days!! No way I’m giving up now. Thanks for the inspiration and the great post! πŸ™‚

  8. We do all have marathons, you are right. I think of this challenge as a challenge with myself, too. Don’t worry about your writing being dead. It’s not.

  9. I am happy to visit your blog and read your posts. They are wonderful – so many great ideas. Like this one – comparing your running in marathons to the writing marathon of slice. It made so much sense to me. I, too, began to feel tired the last several days, but I know I will make it to the finish line. And Amy, I hope to see you here again next March!

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