27 thoughts on “Seven Words Sunday: The Poet’s Dog

  1. Great slice with another clever format! Isn’t that a beautiful cover? I read this and liked it…but I didn’t love it. I was so surprised because I expected to. I love Patricia MacLachlan and this book seemed right up my alley. Your post makes me want to revisit it–Maybe it was the timing. I’m going to give it another try. Thanks!

    • It’s a quick read so perhaps giving it another try is what you need. I felt the same way with LOVE THAT DOG and now it’s an all-time favorite! And yes the cover is beautiful!

  2. I’m glad that someone is giving it another try–I LOVED that book. Patricia MacLachlan packs so much into every word–makes your poem that much more interesting, as you pack a lot into your seven words, as well!

  3. Oh, Amy! I just loved this book! One of my favorite authors, Patricia MacLachlan – also Painting the Wind, Journey, All the Places to Love, The True Gift, What You Know First, Three Names, The Iridescence of Birds: A Book About Henri Matisse, and all the Sarah, Plain and Tall books, She is a mentor author for me!

    • It is an excellent book! When I was browsing back through my reading journal I noted that I gave it 5 stars. I need to read it and want to read it again. I love the cover and I love the way the book is told from the dog’s point of view.

  4. I do love this way of introducing a book. Really makes the book intriguing. I wonder what seven words students would use to recommend a book they enjoyed.

  5. Very fun & intriguing … reminds me of fifth-grade work I saw this week. Students created visual art on copied book pages and circled words that created mood. I may need to take pictures and slice about this ….

  6. I love that you made a found poem from the book flap! I saw this book at the library today, and my 6 year old son is looking over my shoulder and is now very interested in this book, after seeing the beautiful cover and reading your evocative seven words.

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