This or That

Today I’d like to play a little game. It’s called This or That. I hope you’ll play along too by adding a thought or maybe even by adding a scenario.

The hostess seated us and handed us the menus. After looking over the menu I decide to order an appetizer and a salad. I also told the waitress I would have a Coke. She said that they only had Pepsi products would that be okay? Even though I’m clearly a Coke girl I said, “Sure, I’ll take that,” ~bummer

What’s your preference? This or that: Coke or Pepsi?

Mine says MacBook. His says Dell. They say opposites attract, right? I’ll take this MacBook any day over that Dell PC.

How about you? This or that: Apple or PC?

Yes, it’s true I’m an Apple girl to the core (pun intended). Of course, I have this wonderful phone called an iPhone. Please don’t tell me you have that Samsung Galaxy.

And your choice is? This or that: iPhone or well, not an iPhone?

The release date was February 14th and arrive it did on February 14th. I tore open the box and held it in my hands. The smell of fresh paper. The delicate sound of opening the hard cover. The rough edges of the paper. The brilliant illustrations the came to life. The personalized autograph from the author. A book, a real book. This book will always have more meaning than that Kindle.

What would your fondness be? This or that: a book or a Kindle?

He likes coffee. I don’t, but I’ll take a chocolate cake donut any day! This makes Dunkin Donuts a perfect compromise that Starbucks can’t deliver.

Do you have a favorite? This or that: Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?

I always go there with a list. Stick to the list, I tell myself, don’t spend too much. The store is clean, it’s organized, and it’s calm. I love it there. Of course this is Target. I try not to go to that Wal-Mart unless it’s necessary.

Your liking? This or that: Target or Wal-Mart?

Last but not least, I’ve blogged on both platforms. I bet you know where I’m going with this one. Yes, I’m a WordPress snob. I think what gives WordPress the edge is the WordPress app. Making comments, replying to others, and adding other WordPress blogs to the reader makes this platform work seamlessly. It’s a feature I believe that Blogger doesn’t have.

Which one do you prefer? This or that: WordPress or Blogger?


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14 thoughts on “This or That

  1. Definitely Coke, PC, Dunkin, Target, and very definitely WordPress! He likes the mountains; I like the seashore. How about you?

  2. I loved this piece – and I definitely had a preference for all that you mention – Coke, Samsung Galaxy, a real book, Dunkin Donuts, Target, and WordPress, I started out on Weebly, and I am loving WordPress and would highly recommend it to anyone who is keeping a blog and wants to easily follow others. Thanks, Amy, for all your wonderful posts this month!

  3. Root beer, Apple, not-an-iPhone, book, local coffee shop, Target, and I’ve only used Blogger so far.

    Great fun! Thanks for letting us all play, and for the tidbit that you wrote for each choice.

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