Everybody Knows

Everybody knows…

Maddie is her mother’s daughter.

It’s her petite frame,

the pointy nose,

and a mouth that mirrors her mother’s smile.

Everybody knows…

Maddie is her daddy’s daughter.

Those hazel eyes,

her fair skin that easily burns in the sun,

expensive taste that enjoys the finest life has to offer.

Everybody knows…

Maddie is her gram’s girl.

A knack for decorating cakes,

kindness that spills from the heart,

or the sizable purse she carries over her shoulder.

Everybody knows…

Maddie is her pa’s granddaughter.

There’s the fierce sense of determination,

her ability to assist others in need,

an everlasting love for man’s best friend.

Everybody knows…

Maddie is her nana’s girl.

The creativity that flows,

an artistic niche that proves amazing abilities,

an eye for all that is unique.

Everybody knows…

Maddie is her pappy’s granddaughter.

Always on time,

if not a bit early,

or impatient waiting for others.

Everybody knows,

everybody knows,

everybody knows,

twenty-one years have flown by!

You’ve captured the best of the best,

a perfect blend,

a shining star,

the Maddie we all love!


Cheers to 21 years! Maddie’s 21st birthday, April 16, 2017


Ode to Lynne for sharing the “Everybody Says” Dorothy Aldis in Songs of Myself compiled by Georgia Heard.


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18 thoughts on “Everybody Knows

  1. Happy Birthday to Maddie. Your poem is a portrait of a beautiful young lady with all of her connections to family. The frame you use, Amy, captures the personality of your daughter in the images of those who are closest to her. Wishing you a great day!

  2. Amy, I love everything about your beautiful tribute to Maddie and also to those most important people who are her roots. Thank you for sharing. Happy 21st, Maddie!

  3. A wonderful poem for your beautiful daughter, Amy! I hope it is going in a frame along with the photo you’ve posted. The gift of writing is the best gift one can give – its true worth cannot be measured. I read your poem twice. Now, I am thinking, when my goddaughters (twins) turn 27 this July, they deserve a poem. I can’t believe I have never written them one. Thanks, Amy. You gave me the inspiration I needed!

  4. What a sweet tribute to a beautiful girl – and a lovely family! Twenty-one years does fly by so awfully fast, doesn’t it? This is also a poignant reminder of how we carry within us the best of those who came before us.

  5. Oh, they grow up far too quickly. I love how the thread of family runs throughout your poem. Such a gift to Maddie and those who love her. Happy Belated, Maddie!

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