when i say good-bye

i say good-bye
after joyful times
a family get together
dinner out on the town
a celebration amongst friends
till i see you again
i said good-bye
not by choice
i wonder if you knew
our last good-bye
would be our last good-bye
tears in my eyes
a broken heart
i say good-bye
once more
a peaceful wish
knowing the end is near
tears i’ve swallowed
smiles i’ve faked
as each good-bye
brings a heavy heart
when i say good-bye,
in good spirits
despairing times
a good-bye
is a good-bye

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8 thoughts on “when i say good-bye

  1. Goodbye–always difficult to say. Your poem is moving, Amy. The raw emotion of the final goodbye is palpable in this piece. I think you are brave to write it and brave to share it too. One never
    “gets over” losing a loved one.

  2. Oh, I have tears in my eyes! I do not like good-byes of any kind. It is so hard for me. You were very brave to share this poem, Amy. I read it twice. My thoughts and a bear hug to you for the good-bye that moved you to write this poem.

  3. Amy, your poem is a beautiful and gentle lament. When I read, I saw a series of goodbyes said to the same loved one… and I was reminded of my “goodbyes” to my dad. Hugs to you!

  4. Alice said it so well–Your poem is a “beautiful and gentle lament.” I was especially struck by those good-byes that are unexpectedly final. Thanks for sharing.

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