Those Treasured Photos

Growing up, I was a normal kid. I lived with my mother and father and my sister. We always had two dogs and two cats. 

We were a normal family.

Then I got married.

There were no dogs and there were no cats. Zilch, nada, none!

But there was an iguana (actually two of them), a chinchilla, a hermit crab, some goldfish, and a beta fish. Of course, today there are rabbits.


Meet our green iguana, Monster. 

His name was appropriate for him. He was as large as a monster, and truthfully, he looked like one too!  When friends and family came to visit you could see their eyes enlarge. You could espy them taking in a deep breath and pulling back away. For you see, Monster was allowed to “rome” the house when we were home. He sat on the back of the couch, he had a special “lizard door” so he could go outside and sun himself, and he went up and down the stairs. 

It’s always fun to browse through those old treasured photos. And when I came across these, all I could do was wonder what in the world were we thinking?


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Coffee & Confessions

I’m glad you’re here.

Enjoy your morning, afternoon, or evening coffee

while I share my latest confessions.

Confession #1

First off, I confess I don’t even drink coffee! I love the way it smells, but the taste, not-so-much. So, I’ll be enjoying my favorite hot drink, a chai latte.

Confession #2

Remember that 11 mile run I blogged about last week?  The training run I didn’t want to complete? The one where you gave me all kinds of encouragement?  Well, you would think all that encouragement would be enough to get me through my last long training run, but it wasn’t. I confess, I skipped, passed over, disregarded my 12 mile training run this past Sunday. It’s so not like me to do so, but I did.

Confession #3

Not only did I skip my long run on Sunday, but I confess that for my dinner on Sunday I ate one two soft pretzels and enjoyed a glass of wine with my soft, doughy, salty pretzels. Such a strange combo, I know, and topple it with a whole bunch of empty calories and a few tons of carbs-not the best choice for sure. But, I confess, it tasted oh, so, delicious and I would probably do it again if we ever allow those soft pretzels to enter our house!

Confession #4

To make up for the fact that I skipped my long run on Sunday, I decided there was absolutely no way I was ditching my 4 mile run on Monday. With that being said, I was determined to run those 4 miles! No excuses! And that I did. I’m pretty sure they were the fastest 4 training miles I ever ran! (It must have been those pretzels!) Since I ran those 4 miles and I ran them fast, I decided I needed a little pampering afterwards. I thought it would be perfect to treat myself to a pedicure at the salon home.

Confession #5

I confess, I’m not one who enjoys decorating for the holidays anymore. It’s kinda a bummer, I know, but I just don’t get too excited about it. However, I kept driving past the local farm market and this giant pumpkin smiles at me every time inviting me to stop, so I did. I decided I would purchase a few three pumpkins and place them by our front door. Yes, three pumpkins are a bit lame, but it is what it is.


Confession #6

I made dinner on Monday! This is a big hoopla for anyone who knows me personally because I despise cooking and the kitchen. This is partly because Matt is an excellent chef and cooks all the time and partly because I’m lazy when it comes to eating. I could pretty much care less. I didn’t do anything too wild now. Just broke out the crockpot and made Minestrone soup. It’s an Olive Garden copycat recipe and it was quite tasty! Matt even said so himself. And we have plenty of leftover soup for the rest of the week! I must confess, I’m pretty proud of myself!

Confession #7

And last but not least, I confess that this little nugget melts my heart. I could just give him kisses Isn’t it silly how happy a little ball of fur can make me!

I hope you enjoyed your coffee, and thanks for hearing my confessions.

What confessions do you want to share?



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Bunfest 2016

As I mentioned in an earlier post I volunteer at our local SPCA animal shelter, and this Saturday was my turn to volunteer spend time playing with the bunnies. That meant at trip to BJ’s to buy “greens” for the shelter rabbits and Guinea pigs. The weekly trip usually ends up with me purchasing an obscene amount of lettuce, kale, and carrots.  I often wonder what the employees at BJ’s think when they check my receipt. For the record, I’m not a vegetarian.


buying the greens

This Saturday was a special Saturday though.  Not only did I volunteer but I attended the yearly Bunfest.

Quite simply, Bunfest is all things bunny related, but the major focus is to emphasize animal adoption (#adoptdontshop). There are healthy treats for our furry friends, pictures with our furry friends, and volunteers crazy rabbit ladies available to answer questions about all things bunny related. People are even encouraged to bring their fur baby, or babies, along.  I saw rabbits in special bunny strollers (I kid you not!), and I saw rabbits in snuggle sacks. My rabbits, Buddy & Yoshi, stayed at home.  They are true introverts and the whole Bunfest thing would stress them out! *sigh*


I entered the Small Animal Room (SAR) and I was greeted by eleven rabbits and six Guinea pigs screaming FEED.ME.NOW! Our Small Animal Room is filled to the max! It would take me forever to clean the cages, let the animals out for playtime, and feed them. I.WANTED.TO.CRY!  And, just so you know, I can run a 1/2 marathon faster than the time it takes me to clean the SAR.


a snapshot of part of the Small Animal Room

I cleaned the cages, gave them breakfast, stole a kiss or two, and saw that they got their medicine.  These two made my heart melt, but I know I have to say “no” to anymore rabbits in our home, so I snapped a picture just for fun.


Smoke & Expresso

By 12:00pm I finally wrapped things up in the SAR and headed over to the Bunfest.  I’m happy to report that the community room was packed with bunny lovers of all ages.  I ended up making some purchases for my two rabbits, participated in the silent auction, and bought a rabbit book from a local author, who donated all the proceeds from Saturday’s Bunfest book sale to our local SPCA <3.

It was a worth-while and a fulfilling morning.  Kudos to the volunteers that made Bunfest 2016 a huge success.  And last but not least remember:

~~~~~the only bunny that should be given this Easter is a Chocolate one!~~~~~



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Meet Yoshi!

Adorable, spunky, jovial, and amusing-Meet Yoshi!

Yoshi is a Lionhead rabbit and what I refer to as a foster failure! Yes, a foster failure. You see, I started volunteering at the SPCA after we adopted our Jersey Wooly rabbit, Buddy. Of course, people ask if it is difficult to volunteer there.  Asking questions like:

don’t you want to take all of them home?


don’t you feel sad when you visit?


doesn’t it break your heart when you leave?

Honestly, yes there are emotions associated with volunteering at the SPCA but the animals there are very well cared for, sometimes better than their previous home. I also tell myself that I’ll shower them with all the love I can for the time I’m there.  They’re always happy to see me, wondering if I brought them a treat! Of course, I have treats for them when I arrive and when I leave.


October 31, 2015: I volunteered at the shelter and that’s when I spied that little Lionhead, snapped a picture of him, and sent it to my daughter.  Right away she said,

Bring him home now!!!!!

A few days later…

I tried to forget all about Yoshi! But then I received a call from the SPCA,

We have too many Guinea pigs, can you foster a Guinea pig?


Since we have too many rabbits, would you be interested in fostering Yoshi?

Oh, Yoshi-that little Lionhead! I tried to forget about him!

Yes! I’ll be a foster mom for Yoshi! How could I not be?

It was November 6th when that little Lionhead entered our home. And, while he stayed I reminded myself:

Yoshi is just visiting.

Yoshi is not yours.

You don’t have time to care for another rabbit!

Someone else would be happy to give Yoshi a home.


Would they love Yoshi as much as I do?

Would they feed him his favorite salads and treats everyday?

Would they get him out to play everyday?

PROBABLY NOT, at least that’s what I told myself!

By November 28, Yoshi was ours. His Gotcha Day, my forever foster failure!

Meet Yoshi-adorable, spunky, jovial, and amusing!



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Slice of Life

this is just to say…

Oh, Buddy, our Jersey Wooly rabbit, can be quite a handful! He always keeps me on my toes, so here’s a quick little apology that he wrote to me.


this is just to say…

i jumped out of my cage

this afternoon

while you were at school


which mostly likely

you will probably

have a heart attack

when you

get home


forgive me!

i just wanted

a lazy day

in which

i could




just hangin’ out!

Mentor Text: Forgive Me I Meant To Do ItFalse Apology Poems

by Gail Carson Levine.

“This Is Just To Say” by William Carlos Williams

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.47.37 PM


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Slice of Life

Meet Buddy!

I had fun playing with personification as I wrote this poem about Buddy, our Jersey Wooly rabbit that we adopted from the SPCA.


here I lay,

just a Bud on a bed.

I know, I know,

I look cute,

and actually I am very cute,


I can be quite mischievous!

don’t buy me any of those


fancy toys,

the ones from

the pet store.

I rather eat your woodwork,

chew on the carpet,


I’ll even snack on the drywall!

And you,

yes you,

will love me anyway!



Just a Bud on a Bed


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